1001 Reasons To Be A Kobo Kanaeru Fan

Nowadays, who doesn’t know Kobo Kanaeru. What? You don’t know? I’m sure you’ve just lost half the fun in this virtual world, and for that I’m going to introduce you to who kobo is and give 1001 reasons to become a Kobo Kanaeru fan.

Kobo Kanaeru

Kobo Kanaeru or who is fondly called Lord Kobo by his fans, is the 3rd generation member of Hololive Indonesia. Kobo made his debut on March 27 2022 together with 2 other members of the 3rd generation of Hololive Indonesia, namely Vestia Zeta and Kaela Kovalskia. Kobo's debut stream

According to his background, Kobo is a rain shaman who is looking for proof of his ability to control rain by becoming a streamer.

Happy singing

Kobo Kanaeru Kobo likes to sing and has a very beautiful voice. He even has his own original song since his debut, namely Rain Mantra . Kobo also often streams karaoke where he plays guitar or just sings and shows off his melodious voice.


Teneneng Kobo is a huge fan of one of the Valorant skins that can turn on music when inspected, namely skin spectrum, or what Kobo commonly calls teneneng. Kobo often begs to be given weapons with cool skins to other players who have them, he himself says he wants to buy them himself but the skins haven’t appeared in his account shop.

Got Banned Up to 2 Times

Kobo got banned from youtube Just 2 months after his debut, Kobo has been banned from YouTube twice. Eits, but this isn’t because of Kobo’s fault. Dirangkas.Com has already discussed this matter , and most likely this ban was not because of Kobo’s fault but the fans. This actually shows because there are so many kobo fans that various kinds of people, both bad and good, are there. Cool you dude.

Become a Demon Lord

Demon Lord Kobo Tempest After rising from his second death (banned), Kobo Kanaeru finally awakened as a Demon (Edgy) Lord, namely Lord Kobo Tempest. By using the power of his subscribers which he calls tools, kobo is back streaming and ready to entertain us. Of course this is just one of the internal jokes between kobo and his fans, yes, Lord Tempest himself is a play on Rimuru Tempest, the main character from the anime Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken. Are you ready to become a tool of Lord Tempest?


Kobolonimbus After touching the 500,000 subscriber mark, Kobo finally opened a membership for his YouTube, which he named Kobolonimbus. Kobolonimbus is a combination of the words Kobo and Cumulonimbus. Fans who register as members can get badges next to their names that appear when on Live Chat. members can also use members’ special stickers with various kobo expressions. Apart from that, if you are still not a fan of Kobo, then here are 1001 reasons you should become a Kobo Kanaeru fan.

1001 Reasons to be a Kobo Kanaeru fan

  1. Kobo is cute and fun to watch
  2. Kobo can control the rain
  3. Kobos are blue
  4. Kobo’s hair is in the shape of a fountain
  5. Kobo is made a Demon Lord
  6. Kobo has a great voice
  7. Kobo likes teneneng
  8. Kobo, when he goes berserk, hits the table
  9. Kobo is recognized by other YouTubers as a potential vtuber
  10. Kobo has the most subscribers among Hololive Indonesia members in their generation
  11. Kobo likes to eat cilor
  12. Kobo gg howk
  13. Kobo is slightly slightly offset
  14. Kobo jokes are easy to digest

Of course I didn’t really write until 1001 for one reason, because you have to find out the rest of the reasons yourself by watching kobo, it is hoped that after reading this, you will choose to become 1 of Lord Tempest’s tools huh!!

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Katanya 1001 tapi ternyata hanya 14