How to Get the Hyper Captain Tsubasa PS2 Kick

Captain Tsubasa is one of the legendary games that existed in the 90s and of course is very famous for the Special Shot or Hyper Kick Kick, hyper tsubasa ps2. This game is in great demand by many people because it carries a very interesting football theme. On this occasion, I would like to share how to make Hyper kicks from the Captain Tsubasa game on the PlayStation 2 platform.

Get to know the Character of Captain Tsubasa

hyper tsubasa ps2
Tsubasa Ozora (RoNC) | Captain Tsubasa Wiki | fandoms
Tsubasa is a soccer player from Japan who has been recognized as a captain by an opponent he has defeated. Tsubasa himself has a long-range kick or what is commonly referred to as a Drive Shot. This long-range shot was demonstrated by a former player from the Brazilian national team named Roberto Hongo. Because of that, Tsubasa is nicknamed the captain and has this long-range kick.

Hyper Kick in the Captain Tsubasa PS2 Game

Just like the previous game, Captain Tsubasa J Get in Tomorrow PS1, every player in Captain Tsubasa PS2 always has a special shot to score goals. If on the PlayStation 1 platform it is called the Moves List, it is different from the PlayStation 2 console, namely Hyper Shot.

Captain Tsubasa PS2 Hyper Kick Code

This is not a cheat, but a code to do a Hyper kick in the Captain Tsubasa game. So, don’t expect to unlock all clubs or country teams from opponents using passwords.There is a special shot code that can be used on all players, namely:
    1. Hyper Kick 1 (Strong Shot): Triangle, O, X
    2. Hyper Kick 1 (Volley Shot): O, X, Triangle
    3. Hyper Kick 1 (Overhead Shot): Triangle, Triangle, X
The Hyper Kick code above can be used by all players on the Japanese team or other countries and clubs provided that the player has a level 1 Hyper kick.Here are the codes for all Hyper Captain Tsubasa PS2 kicks:Hyper Player Skill Codes:
CharacterHyper Kick 1Hyper Kick 2Hyper Kick 3
Tsubasa OzoraHyuga/Misaki Twin ShotFlying Drive ShotPhoenix Drive Shot
 Square, O, TriangleX, Triangle, XTriangle, X, Triangle
 Square, Triangle, O  
Hyūga KojiroTwin Shot SawadaTiger ShotNeo Tiger Shot
 Square, Square, OX, X, TriangleTriangle, X, Triangle
  Tiger Diving Shot 
  Triangle, Square, X 
  Overhead Shots 
  X, Triangle, X 
Nitta Shun Hayabusa Shot 
  X, X, Triangle 
  Hayabusa Volley Shot 
  X, O, Triangle 
Souda Makoto Kamisouri Shot 
  Square, O, Triangle 
  Reverse Kamisouri 
  O, Triangle, X 
Tachibana Brothers Skylab Hurricane 
  X, Square, O 
  Twin Shots 
  Square, O, Square 
Diaz Juan Banana ShotZenten Shot
  X, Square, TriangleSquare, Triangle, O
  Drive Shot 
  X, Triangle, Triangle 
Schneider Karl Fire ShotsNon-Fire Shot
  X, Triangle, SquareTriangle, X, O
Matsuyama Hikaru Eagle Shot 
  Triangle, Triangle, X 
Pier Slider Shot 
  Square, X, O 
Napoleon Canon Shots 
  Square, Triangle, O 
After knowing the codes for hyper kicks from every player in Captain Tsubasa PS2, now is the time to practice them in the game. However, before trying to use these hyper kick moves, make sure the player you want to use has a level 1 hyper kick. If not, then the player must be trained first to develop his hyper kick abilities.Apart from that, players also need to pay attention to the timing and position of the players when performing hyper kicks. Make sure the players are in the right position and the right timing so that the hyper kicks can be executed perfectly and score goals.For fans of the Captain Tsubasa anime, of course, the Captain Tsubasa PS2 game is a must-play game. Moreover, with the existence of hyper kicks that can make matches more exciting and tense.However, keep in mind that using hyper kicks too often can also make the match less interesting. Therefore, use your hyper kicks wisely and in a timely manner to make the matches even more exciting and interesting.

Hyper Keeper Kick

hyper tsubasa ps2
Not only players, goalkeepers can also issue hyper moves in the Captain Tsubasa PS2 game. This is very important to do if your opponent’s special shot has points above 5000. To parry or even catch the ball, you need to issue a hyper goalkeeper move.To issue it, you must match the input button issued by your opponent. For example, if your opponent kicks the ball with the Triangle, Triangle, Square buttons, then you also have to press Triangle, Triangle, Square to issue a hyper move from your goalkeeper.

Overhead Kick Hyper Kick

Hyper salto kicks or overhead kicks can also be performed in the Captain Tsubasa PS2 game. It’s very easy, you just have to pass the ball up and wait for your player to jump. Then, select the pass menu available in the corner of the opponent’s goal to issue a hyper kick kick.

Hyper Sliding Shot Kick

Apart from hyper salto kicks, you can also issue hyper sliding shots in the Captain Tsubasa PS2 game. The method is almost the same as the hyper overhead kick, but this time you have to accept it by sliding after passing the ball through. Then, your friend will get it by sliding, and you can do the hyper sliding shot.


Using hyper moves in the Captain Tsubasa PS2 game requires special techniques and accuracy in pressing the right input button. By following the tips above, you can gain the ability to cast hyper moves well and win matches easily.Thus the article on how to issue hyper kicks in the Captain Tsubasa PS2 game. We hope that this article will be useful for fans of the Captain Tsubasa PS2 game and can help improve their gaming skills. Thank you for reading!
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