8 Reasons Why Adults Still Like Watching Anime

Anime, or Japanese cartoons, are not only popular among children, but also among adults. Many adults still watch anime, even though they are past their teens. Not only in Japan, anime is also popular all over the world, including in Indonesia. Why do adults still like watching anime? The following are some reasons why adults still like watching anime.

The reason why adults still like watching anime

Here are some reasons why adults still enjoy watching anime:

1. Relieves Stress and Pressure

the reason why adults still like watching anime
Adult life is often full of pressure and stress from work, family and personal issues. These conditions can make a person feel depressed and even depressed. However, watching anime can be a solution to forget about problems and relieve stress temporarily.When watching anime, adults can enter a different world and be entertained by interesting stories. Anime characters who are charming and full of personality can also make the audience amazed and feel entertained. In addition, beautiful and imaginative visuals in anime can help break boredom and reduce the level of stress and pressure that is being experienced.Viewers can forget about their problems for a while and enjoy a different fictional world by watching anime. This can be an effective way to temporarily relieve stress and pressure before returning to the real world. Therefore, it is not surprising that many adults still like watching anime as a way to deal with stress and pressure in their lives.

2. Similarity to Character

One of the reasons why many adults still enjoy watching anime is because many anime have strong and inspiring characters. These characters often have positive values that can set good examples for the audience.Characters such as Naruto, Goku, and Monkey D. Luffy, for example, have strong and positive traits, such as perseverance, courage, and friendship that always inspire the audience. This can provide motivation for the audience to emulate these positive values in everyday life.These anime characters also often have complex backgrounds and can make the viewer feel connected and empathetic with those characters. Similarities between anime characters and themselves can also help viewers feel better about themselves and increase their self-esteem.By watching anime, adults can find inspiration from strong and inspiring anime characters. This can help boost self-esteem, provide inspiration in everyday life, and motivate viewers to emulate the character’s positive traits.

3. Interesting Story

Anime has an interesting and complex story that can interest adults. Anime not only offers stories about adventure and fantasy, but also stories about realistic everyday life. Stories like these can provide deeper insight and understanding of life and everyday life.

4. Develop with the Market

Anime is a large industry that continues to grow and adapt to the market. The anime industry continues to explore various genres and themes to appeal to adults. There are anime aimed at adults with more complex themes and more mature stories. This makes anime even more appealing to adults.

5. Captivating Visuals

One of the charms of anime is its captivating visuals. Anime often has beautiful animation and spectacular visuals. Visuals like this not only attract the attention of children, but also adults. Anime characters are often designed with great detail and attractiveness, so many adults are impressed by this visual.

6. Improving Imagination and Creativity

Watching anime can also increase the imagination and creativity of adults. Interesting stories and characters can spark imagination and motivate adults to create their own creative works. Anime also often contains moral and cultural messages that can open up new views and ideas for adults.

7. Is Part of Popular Culture

Anime has become part of popular culture around the world, including in Indonesia. Many adults have grown up watching anime and consider it an important part of their lives. Anime has also influenced many aspects of popular culture, including music, movies and video games. Therefore, many adults still like to watch anime to appreciate and deepen their knowledge of popular culture.

8. Get Japanese Cultural Information

the reason why adults still like watching anime
Anime can also be a way to get information about Japanese culture. Many anime have Japanese cultural themes such as festivals, food, and traditions. Some adults who like anime also because they want to learn about Japanese culture.


Watching anime is not only for children, but also for adults. There are many reasons why adults still like watching anime, including to relieve stress, inspire, and entertain. Anime can also increase the imagination and creativity of adults and provide insight and a deeper understanding of life. By being a part of popular culture, anime has influenced many adults and will continue to be a popular source of inspiration and entertainment worldwide.
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