Why iPhone Users Should Refrain from Downloading iOS 18 Beta?

As iPhone users, we are often tempted to try new things, especially when an operating system update is announced. iOS 18 Beta, with all its promising features and improvements, is certainly attracting attention. Even though there are interesting features that will make things easier for users, this beta version is still full of problems. This article will discuss why you shouldn't download the iOS 18 beta and what the risks are.

iOS 18 Beta

iOS 18 Beta is the latest experimental version of Apple's mobile operating system designed for developers and early adopters who want to try out new features before they are officially launched. This Beta version usually comes with various improvements and new features that are not yet available in the public version.

For example, iOS 18 Beta may introduce an updated user interface, performance improvements, and better security features. Users can register for Apple's Beta software program to access this version and provide feedback to Apple about their experience. However, it is important to note that since this is a Beta version, there may be some bugs or unresolved issues, so users should be careful when installing it on their primary device.

Strong Reasons It's Best to Wait Before Downloading the Beta Version

Here are strong reasons why you should wait before downloading this Beta version:

High Risk Beta Version

Beta versions are pre-release releases available to some users before the software is commercially launched. Unfortunately, iOS 18 beta still has many problems. Users who download it risk performance issues, such as shorter battery life, charging problems, missing or undelivered notifications, and some apps not working.

Not Suitable for Daily Use

Keep in mind that the beta version is not in its final form yet. If you only have one iPhone, it's better not to download it. This system is still in the development stage and may experience glitches while trying to find its way.

Advice from Experts


Tech writer Michael Swengel advises against upgrading your primary device to beta. This is the first public beta, and there will definitely be issues. If you want to try the beta, use another device if possible.

Problems Found By Developers


Developer John Williams Archer discovered some issues while testing the iOS 18 beta on his spare iPhone 12 Pro Max. The device automatically reboots when exiting the lock screen. The “Lock and Hide Apps” feature also doesn't work well.

What to Know Before Downloading iOS 18 Beta

Terms and Risks of Downloading iOS 18 Beta

Before downloading iOS 18 Beta, there are several things you need to know:

  1. Supported Devices : iOS 18 can only be installed on iPhone XS or newer series. Make sure your device is included in this list so that the update process runs smoothly.
  2. Latest iOS Version : Make sure your iPhone is running iOS 16.4 or later before updating to iOS 18 Beta.
  3. Data Backup : It is highly recommended to backup data before installing iOS 18 Beta. This will prevent data loss if problems occur during testing.

How to Download and Install iOS 18 Beta:

  1. Open the “Settings” menu on iPhone.
  2. Select “General” and then “Software Update”.
  3. Tap the “Beta Updates” option and select “iOS 18 Developer Beta”.
  4. Tap “Update Now”. The download process will run, and the iPhone will install iOS 18 Beta in about 30 minutes.

So, what should you do? Wait. Wait until the stable version of iOS 18 is released. This may require some patience, but in the end, you will have a better, more stable, and safer usage experience. If you really want to try new features, consider joining the Apple Beta Software program, but only do this on a second device that you don't rely on for daily activities.

Remember, patience is key. By waiting, you not only avoid the frustration of bugs and other issues, but you also help the community by letting developers and other users find and report such issues. That way, when you finally download iOS 18, you'll get a version that's more mature and fun to use.

Hopefully this article provides useful insight for you, and always remember to think twice before downloading a Beta version of any operating system. Have fun waiting and hope your iPhone experience is always enjoyable!

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