Unity 3D tutorial for beginners

Unity 3d tutorial for beginners, when you find out about this, your mind must be “Where to start?”. It’s a common question for people who want to try to dive into game creation with unity3d. Here I will tell you about what you need to make a game.

Learn English

make games with unity

English has become daily food for game/application developers, and when I put this first, the provisions of this matter are ABSOLUTELY. Like it or not, you have to at least be able to speak English, whether it’s basic or at least use Google translate . Why is that? Because of problems that will occur in the future, you will need English to simply find out bugs or explain features in the Unity application. The tutorials that are circulating also use English, it is quite rare to get Indonesian tutorials with better quality compared to English ones, so if you can get the best, why not?

Just Try It

make games with unity Let’s say you have installed Unity and started making games with Unity, the next thing you need to do is just try the features that are there first, click whatever makes you curious. Then if you are confused about this feature, you can read more from the Unity documentation about this feature. There are many cases where someone has asked but apparently has never operated the application, at least try it first and explore its features, this is one of the top 10 newbie mistakes (haven’t tried the application yet).

Learn C# Language

make games with unity Learn C# as the programming language that you will use when using Unity. What are the learning flows and where to start, what might be confusing for you, my advice is to learn basic C# programming first, starting from variables, repetition, and functions.

Know What You Are Looking For

When you can speak English, the next step is to use your googling skills to get enlightenment about the problem at hand. The keywords or keywords that you use on Google or other search engines have an effect on the results you want, sometimes it takes several times to type different keywords with the same goal too! If you are really from 0 and need visuals as a learning method, you can learn from Brackeys – YouTube , one of the elders in the Unity world.

GitHub, Stack Overflow is Your Best Friend (Sometimes Youtube Indians Too(Real))

unity 3d tutorial for beginners If you decide to become a programmer, GitHub and Stack Overflow play a big role when you are lost, confused, confused by what you are doing at that time. Of course, you can’t just take the solution from the answers on the website to solve the problem, you also need to know the flow of the problematic code first.

Read the Unity Documentation

unity 3d tutorial for beginners Unity also has documentation about the features they have, you can click the link beside the Unity Scripting API . From there you can learn first what they provide and understand more about the features that exist.

Free Asset Resources

unity 3d tutorial for beginners When you at least understand programming, then you need assets for the items in your Unity project. Here I will provide free asset sources that I know of:

  • The Unity Asset Store is a complete collection of assets starting from projects, coding, 3d, 2d, particle and others, there are assets that are paid but there are also many that are free.
  • TurboSquid provides both paid and free 3D assets.
  • This Mixamo platform from Adobe provides animations along with a fairly accurate auto rigging feature.
  • freesound to find sound effects and free music.

The above is a credible source of assets and it’s important for you to remember, oh yes, you can also hire other people to make assets, but of course it’s not free, guys haha.

Practice Makes Perfect

unity 3d tutorial for beginners Practice by making different projects so that your unity skills are honed, always add features that you have never explored in every new project that you work on to add insight.


Those are the step by step steps that I have summarized so you don’t get confused in the Unity 3D tutorial for beginners. Indeed, making games is not easy, it takes time and dedication so that the games that are made do not disappoint either themselves or the players. Not easy means not impossible huh! Surely you can learn how to make games quickly with Unity as long as you are patient and diligent. Thank you for reading this far, if you have any questions you can comment below and I will answer later 😀

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