Tower of God Great Journey Best Gustang Team Composition

Hello friends. Summarized, this time I will discuss about Po Bidau Gustang, the newest character that has been released in the game Tower of God Great Journey.

In this article, we will just shorten the name to Gustang. For the best composition from Gustang itself, it depends on what characters we already have, if you already have Enryu and Albelda then I suggest using a composition like the one below.

Gustang’s Freedom Dreamer Team

The team composition above is the best possible composition for the Gustang Freedom Dreamer formation. We know that currently Enryu has the most damage, so this formation is the best in my opinion. The team composition above is also very good for use in PVE content such as stories or Tower of Trial.

The Gustang Tower Climber Team

For the Tower Climber team itself, I think it’s not good enough, because there aren’t many good Tower Climber characters, for now I suggest a team composition like this:

Remember that the composition of the team will always change throughout the course of the game, character updates will definitely change the formation of a team. The formation above is suitable for PVE and boss fights.

Gustang’s FUG Team

The FUG team can be said to be pretty good in the current patch, because White and Viole are strong characters to dominate content in Tower of God Great Journey, here’s the team composition:

Hwaryun and Jinsung Ha can be replaced by anyone depending on the content to be played, right!

Then what about the Great Family team?

It would be a shame for the Great Family team to choose this faction for Gustang. We all know that the Great Family does not have high damage characters. So far, the only ones that are useful for completing content in the game are Evan and Hoaqin. The rest I don’t think is good.

So I’m also quite dizzy to think about what the best formation is like hehe.

Mixed Gustang Team Composition

For mixed teams, Gustang is very suitable to be placed at the back, and I myself often use mixed team formations because they are very versatile and can be used on many battlefields.

Here is the formation I use for PVP:

Urek as a tanker here is very useful so that the back row team can attack freely, with 3 Freedom Dreamers, the passive from Gustang will work, that is, if there are 3 or more characters from the same faction, it will add so much damage.

For PVE Story the formation above is also very strong, you just have to change it as needed, sometimes Sachi is replaced by White, or Enryu is replaced by White and so on. But remember, don’t forget to bring at least 3 characters who have the same faction as Gustang so that the passive skills work.

That’s the composition of the best Gustang team for the current patch, if you have questions about the Tower of God Great Journey game, please comment below~ Thank you for reading! See you at another time.

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