Tips & Tricks You Need to Know When Playing Tower of God: Great Journey (TOG)

Tower of God: Great Journey or commonly called TOG is an online game that is currently popular among game fans around the world. This game is based on the popular webtoon titled “Tower of God” by SIU, and offers an epic adventure with a variety of interesting characters.However, like most online games, TOG has its own challenges that must be faced by the players. For that, I have collected some tips and tricks that TOG players need to know in order to maximize their playing experience and reach a higher level.So, let’s get started and explore the epic world of Tower of God: Great Journey together!

TIPS & Trick Playing Tower of God: Great Journey

1. Don’t Fusion Ignition Weapon Early Game

One of the fatal mistakes that I experienced was the combining Ignition weapons in hopes of getting a higher tier. Logically, this is common practice, but everything changed when I found out about a feature called Collection Effect.
This feature automatically calculates the number of Ignition Weapons that have been obtained. Pay attention to the progress, it says 0 Transcended and 3 Transcended. 0 Transcended means the base of the Ignition Weapon, while 3 Transcended is the 3 star of the Ignition Weapon.The point is before your blue weapon hasn’t reached 3 stars, don’t fuse it first! Transcend to 3 stars first then fusion if needed.This Transcend applies to Ignition Weapons ranging from Rare to Legendary, below that there is no transcend effect in the Collection Effect
Unlike Rare, Epic and Legendary have up to 6 Transcended Collection effects.

2. Prioritize Craft Starting from Weapons

Weapons are the most important element in games like TOG, crafting in Tower of God: Great Journey can be quite tricky to do, especially if you are a newbie. For starters, don’t craft any Gear other than Epic T3.I highly recommend making a weapon called the Shiny Crystal Wand.
Why is the Shiny Crystal Wand Epic T3 weapon recommended? The easy reason is the additional Attributes that can greatly affect the game, Magic DMG Boost by 4.9%, crit and Wave Controller’s DMG Boost are stats that are very suitable for the main character, namely Baam.Apart from Baam, a strong character who is very suitable for using this weapon is Sachi Faker, Sachi can always be used in any battlefield, starting from PVP, Rice Field, Admin Trial, Tower Trial and other content.For starters, in order to buy this weapon, you need to have an Epic Weapon Recipe, this item can be obtained from the Shop > Summon Shop > God’s Breath.
Every month you are given the opportunity to buy 20 of them, don’t worry, after buying this much you won’t need to buy it again in the near future, because these weapons can be used by almost all characters for Story progress and other content.

3. Always Open Game 2 Hours Before Daily Reset

The underlying reason for the tips above is that some events sometimes have an anomaly, where sometimes event tickets are given 2 hours before the daily reset, and are given again after the daily reset, so in total in 1 day you can get 4 tickets instead of 2 tickets.
At this time the event in question was Research Journal White, previously at the Research Journal Jinsung Ha also experienced the same thing. So if you want to finish and claim prizes faster it would be better to open the game 2 hours before the daily reset.

4. Gift Fate to Characters Connected to Revolution Road

For example, in the picture above, you have to give the Fate gift to Horyang to get a prize in the form of a FUG Expert Skill Book. Optimal use of Starlight is necessary to avoid material shortages.
Considering that the Starlight needed to upgrade to Affinity 3 is 10 Starlight, it is highly recommended to be careful in giving gifts to characters.Starlight itself is a rare item, so when the item is available in the event shop/exchange shop I highly recommend prioritizing it.

5. Pursue Ranker Wars Minimum Rank Rank 71-100

Ranker Wars or PVP is one of the main content that some players are after, so why does it have to be a minimum rank of 71-100? The reason is the daily reward given is quite significant.
It can be seen that the blue chest can only be obtained when it has touched at least Rank 71-100. The comparison of the prizes obtained is that the blue chest has the opportunity to get an item with an Epic grade.
The picture above is the contents of the blue chest, while the maximum green chest can only get Rare grade items.Additional tips for Ranker Wars content, Ranker Wars always resets on Saturdays and can be accessed at 7 pm (GMT +7). Use this moment to push the highest rank possible, the reason is that the highest rank must still be inhabited by bots (named Ranker_xxxx).The prizes you get for catching up on the rankings at the start of the reset can be pretty solid to enjoy. Prizes can be checked on the Ranker Wars menu > Claim > First Achievement Reward, there you will see what prizes are given.

6. Don’t Transcend Epic Gear Otherwise T3

The materials needed to transcend, namely Epic Weapon Transcend Stone and Epic Armor Transcend Stone, are quite difficult to obtain in the early game, so don’t waste it on upgrading other than your main Epic gear, which is T3.This small mistake will be enough to hinder the progress of your playing journey, so it is highly recommended to be careful. The following is an overview of the additional base attributes and transcend 3 additional attributes.
Very significant right?

7. Focus God’s Inventory to Pocket for Early Game

God’s Inventory plays a fairly important role in the progress of continuing game content.
The Collection Effect that is obtained for completing this Pocket version really helps Tower Climber to continue progress, Bam as the main character has the Tower Climber attribute, and several other vital characters also have the Tower Climber attribute.If you have a White character, I suggest upgrading Thorn too after Tower Climber.
Because White is FUG and Thorn gives additional effects to the FUG class, God inventory has quite an impact on that character.

8. Upgrade Skill According to Priority

When upgrading skills it is quite important to prioritize which ones need to be upgraded first, therefore it is better if the following are priority skills that need to be upgraded first.Red = Top priority Orange = Second priority Yellow = Third priority Gray = Not upgrading is ok

9. Pay attention to Faction Damage

Damage faction is also influential in this game, the picture is as shown below.
Tower Climber is very strong against Freedom Dreamer, but weak against Great Family. This rule applies to all factions, so sometimes if you are not strong against enemies in certain content, you can consider the circle of weaknesses and strengths above.

10. Don’t Underestimate Epic Characters

Sometimes having a lot of Legendary grade characters makes us fall asleep and forget about the existence of Epic characters. This can have an impact on progress delays, because some Epic characters can have a very big impact on story, tower and story hard content.Some of the Epic characters that can be used under certain conditions are Horyang, Love, Shibisu, Quant and Khun AA. Maybe we exclude Khun AA first because he is indeed a very strong healer when he touches Transcend 5.
Apart from Khun AA, other Epic characters can be very helpful in certain conditions, for example Horyang with his knockback skill which can save the team because it cancels the opponent’s skill attack.
Love transcend 4 can stun nearby opponents for 3 seconds, very helpful with the Taunt skill.
Shibisu, even though this character looks strange, his skill is quite strong, taunts for 8 seconds.
Quant has the skill to go behind the opponent, this skill is very good to use when the enemy has a large forward area attack, plus he gives a knockback effect to the opponent so that he can cancel the opponent’s skill attack.Additional tips, sometimes if you are fighting a strong character and Baam often dies first, try using viole in the back row, sometimes all you need is crowd control skills to prevent your opponent from doing 1 hit KO.


Those are 10 tips and tricks that can be applied to the Tower of God Great Journey game, especially if you are a newbie.If you have further questions, you can comment below, and if you want to have a community for information and questions, you can join the ThalathRiah Family~
Hope the info I provided helps, have fun!
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