Apps Like RedFinger, Here Are the Alternatives!

RedFinger , is a cloud android emulator application which means it (RedFinger) has a 24-hour online service so you can always be online in the application/game that you are running, but is there an application like RedFinger or not? Considering the application is also not free.First, know that RedFinger is a CLOUD based android emulator, not an emulator that runs on your cellphone, more or less the same function as a VPS, but they are based on an android emulator.If this is really what you are looking for, then recommends applications like RedFinger, please see below!

Alternative application from RedFinger

Bluestacks X

Bluestacks, I’m sure you are no stranger to that name, Bluestacks is an Android emulator application that is well known on computers. The quality of Bluestacks is also very good for an Android emulator class, so I highly recommend using Bluestacks X.Bluestacks X has a cloud gaming feature as well, the main drawback is that not all Android games can be played in the cloud .
redfinger alternative app
For example Mobile Legends: Bang-Bang, it only says ” Install in App Player “, while playing in the cloud it looks like:
redfinger alternative app
It says ” Play on Cloud “, so games that say Play on Cloud are games that can be played in Cloud gaming.So if you’re curious whether the game you want to play supports cloud or not, you can just check it first.Price for using Bluestacks X: Free .

LT Cloud Phone – Emulator

The name LT Cloud Phone may be quite foreign, because unlike the others, applications like RedFinger are not popular in Indonesia.For the application link, click here LT Cloud Phone – Emulator – Apps on Google Play .
apps like redfinger
The root cause is definitely more expensive than RedFinger, but the LT Cloud Phone provides a 3-day purchase for $2.9.It is suitable for use when you need to be online in an application/game for a long time but are busy in the next few days and don’t want to pay too much for a cloud phone.Price to use LT Cloud Phone: $2.9 – $269 (There is a 2 hour free trial) .

LDCloud – Android on the cloud

apps like redfinger
For this one, maybe it’s the candidate application like RedFinger that you will use, besides the price is cheaper than RedFinger, LDCloud also offers decent cloud phone specs.With Android 8.1 specs, 2.7GB RAM, and 32G Storage , those are the minimum specifications offered by LDCloud, and the highest is Android 7.1, 6GB RAM, and 24G Storage .For the LDCloud link, you can click the link beside LDCloud – Android on the cloud – Apps on Google Play .LDCloud offers usage duration of their cloud phones starting from 24 hours for $0.19 (Can only be purchased once) with the lowest specs up to 365 days for $94.95 (Highest specs).I suggest LDCloud as an alternative to RedFinger if you are looking for the best!Price for using LDCloud: $0.19 – $94.95.


Lately, many Android games have supported their players to be online 24 hours in the games they make, with the rise of games like this, the demand for Cloud Android phones will be even higher.What you need to know is that to use a cloud phone, you must have a fairly fast connection, just like when you are remote on a computer or using RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) to access a VPS, maybe the wifi you are using has a problem and you are looking for a solution. besides restarting it, you can check my post below.If you have questions, please comment below! Thanks for reading!
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