Disappearing for 6 Months, Vtuber Porin Claims to Be a Victim of Human Trafficking

Who doesn’t know VTuber “Sleeping Devil Porin”? I’m one of them. But for those of you who follow this vtuber from China, surely you are aware that Porin has disappeared in the last 6 months. Porin suddenly disappeared and stopped making content until he recently returned. Fans must have been delighted by their idol’s return, until Porin shared her shocking experience as a victim of human trafficking. Porin last uploaded a video on 18 October 2021 before he disappeared. According to Porin, while he was on the way, a group of people stopped him, they claimed to be police and said that Porin’s IP had been stolen or something like that, and they asked Porin to follow them.

 Before Porin could even respond, they forced Porin into the van, whereupon Porin lost contact with the outside world. Porin was taken to a place he really didn’t recognize. He was sold to a middle-aged woman and forced to do a job every day. Like a slave, Porin will be punished with violence or yelled at if the work he is doing does not satisfy his master. Porin had tried to escape several times but he never succeeded, he began to give up and thought that he would be stuck there forever. Until finally the real police came to save him and Porin was able to return to his home. News about this certainly shocked all of his fans, and everyone who heard this news. Indeed, the problem of human trafficking has become a very big problem in China. Even earlier this year, in February to be precise, there was a major case of human trafficking that was revealed to the media. Basic human, there is just. Well, for sure we can be grateful that this case is over and Porin can finally return home. Hopefully you don’t get hit by a similar case, dear friends. Via: News LTN

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1 year ago

wahh serem juga ya kalo kasus kaya gini