Kobo Kanaeru Hololive ID Generation 3 whose hobby is getting banned

A vtuber from Indonesia recently got banned for the second time, who else if not Kobo Kanaeru. For those who don’t know who it is, Kobo Kanaeru or who is often called Lord Kobo by his fans, is the 3rd generation member of Hololive Indonesia. Kobo and his 2 fellow vtubers namely Vestia Zeta and Kaela Kovalskia debuted on March 25 2022, and since at that time it had gathered a lot of loyal fans (including me) who were willing to spend their money (or their parents’ money (like me)) for the success of their idol vtubers. New (Lord) Kobo has just celebrated his subscriber count which finally reached 500,000, and in his celebration video Kobo announced his premium subscription system called Kobolimbus, which is a combination of 2 words, namely Kobo and Kumulonimbus.

SO!? What is the reason Lord Kobo got banned again?

As we know, this is not the first time (Lord) Kobo has been banned, (Lord) has also raised his voice about this.

Speculation circulating is the use of bots in the Kobo live chat which triggers the YouTube system to automatically ban Kobo accounts. Or maybe there is one of the fans who doesn’t follow the rules and uses obscene words in the live chat. But whatever happened yesterday, now the kobo channel is back on and we can go back to watching kobo again. Even though we all know that Kobo content is always close to offset and can be banned for no external reason, we just hope that nothing like this happens again.

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11 months ago

informatif! salah satu vtuber favorit saya

11 months ago


Fans virtual
Fans virtual
11 months ago

Kenapa kok bisa karena why itu mengapa