Judge Favorite Food, Ni no Kuni CrossWorlds Event!

Ni no Kuni CrossWorlds just released the global version of the Cooking Competition event, here I will share what “Judge Favorite Food” or Gift preferences are.

Judge Favorite Food

JudgeFavorite Food/Gift Preference
Witch RubyHomemade Dumplings
GigglesBraised Golden Grove Mushrooms
Expedition Captain PeterVolcanic Treynian Breakfast Coffee
Research Assistant AlanVermuda-style Stir-fried Octopus
Red ManeCornberry Croffle
ArenFried Apple Ice Cream

Above is a table of NPC names and their Gift Preferences.

Event Exclusive Groceries

Fresh Golden Grove Flower PetalsGolden Grove
Dried Serene Forest HerbSerene Forest
Large Pluff MeatSouthern Heartlands
Pearl ClamEastern Heartlands
Treynian Volcanic Coffee BeansWitch's Secret Sauce Shop (Shop > Medals), Episode Dungeon
Frozen Glacial WaterWitch's Secret Sauce Shop, Episode Dungeon

Flower Petals can be found on the Golden Grove Map.

Large Pluff Meat can be obtained by kicking Pluff in Southern Heartland.

Pearl Clam can be found on the beach in the Eastern Heartlands.

Dried Serene Forest Herb can be obtained from the Serene Forest map.

That's the list of judge gift preferences Ni no Kuni: CrossWorlds ongoing event, have fun!

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4 months ago

[…] The current Cooking Competition event is an event that we MUST finish, this time at Farm Friend Favor Gift we can get rewards for getting NPCs that can be employed in our Forest. […]

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