Burst Tire Car Insurance, Can Claim?

Hello, automotive friends! This time we will discuss one of the things that is often a question for car owners, namely can you claim insurance if a car tire bursts? Car tires are one of the important components that must always be in prime condition for safe and comfortable driving. However, sometimes we cannot avoid unwanted events such as a car tire bursting due to being hit by a sharp object, potholes, lack of air pressure, or wheel sizes that don’t fit.

Car Tire Burst Insurance

Of course, a blown car tire can harm us, both in terms of repair costs and driving safety. Especially if the car tire bursts while driving on a high-speed highway. This can be fatal and endanger the lives of us and others. Therefore, it is important for us to know whether car insurance can cover losses due to a broken car tire or not.According to the information I got from several online sources, it turns out that not all car insurance can cover damage to tires and car rims. Usually, car insurance will only replace damage to tires and rims if it is accompanied by damage to the car body in one incident. For example, if a car tire bursts due to hitting a pothole in the road and causes dented or scratched car body. In this case, the auto insurance will reimburse the repair costs for the tires, rims and body of the car.However, if the car tire bursts without any damage to the car body, for example due to being hit by a nail or glass on the road, then car insurance will not reimburse the repair costs for the tire and rim. This is because tires and rims are components that wear and tear easily, so they are not included in the insurance policy. So, we have to bear the costs of repairing or replacing the broken tires and rims ourselves.

So It’s Definitely Not Claimable?

Of course there are some exceptions or additional protection that we can get from car insurance related to tires and rims. For example, there are several car insurances that offer additional features such as Garda Ban from Garda Oto which provides special protection for car tires and rims. With this feature, we can get reimbursement for repairs or replacement of tires and rims damaged by sharp objects or potholes without having to be accompanied by damage to the car body.In addition, there are also several car insurances that provide protection for damage due to natural phenomena or disasters such as floods, earthquakes, landslides, hurricanes, etc. If the tires and rims of the car are damaged due to this phenomenon or natural disaster, then we can submit an insurance claim by attaching several documents such as:
    • Photo evidence of vehicles damaged by the phenomenon or natural disaster.
    • Completed and signed car insurance claim form.
    • Don’t forget to prepare a claim fee or own risk for the claim submitted. This fee ranges from IDR 250 thousand to around IDR 300 thousand.
So, that’s the information I can share about flat tire car insurance. Hopefully this is useful and can help automotive friends who are looking for this. Don’t forget to always maintain the condition of the tires and rims of the car so that they stay primed and safe while driving. If you have questions or suggestions, please write them in the comments column. See you in the next article!
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