Instagram Revamps Reels Algorithm, Prioritizes 'Original Content'

Instagram, a social media platform that is popular among modern people, recently announced an algorithm overhaul in the Reels feature. This step was taken to prioritize original content created by its users. This change marks a new era in the way content is rated and presented to Instagram users.

Instagram Reels Algorithm

This new algorithm is designed to identify and promote Reels videos that showcase unique creativity and have never been seen before on the platform. In this way, Instagram hopes to encourage its users to create more authentic and personal content.

This change is also a response to frequent criticism, namely that Instagram too often displays similar or even duplicate content from other users. With its updated algorithm, Instagram wants to ensure that users who spend time and effort creating original content get the recognition they deserve.

Trying to Reduce Copyright Infringing Content

When Instagram launched its Reels feature in 2020, the app aimed to compete with TikTok in the short video space. However, Instagram does not anticipate a large-scale spread of re-uploaded content. Large accounts and meme pages that aggregate videos often do not give credit to the original creators and ignore the opportunity to gain followers and compensation for their work.

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To solve this problem, Instagram made changes to the Reels algorithm. Instagram CEO, Adam Mosseri, announced this change via an explanation video uploaded to his personal account. Based on this change, when the algorithm finds reposted content in recommended Reels, it will automatically replace it with the original video. While reposted videos won't be automatically removed from the account that posted them, they will be given a label linking them back to the original video, making them visible to all viewers.

Apart from that, Instagram will also remove accounts that frequently share inauthentic content from recommendations. These accounts will be removed if they repeatedly share content that is not enriched or enhanced. For accounts that frequently “Remix” Reels (a feature similar to “duets” on TikTok), they should remain safe because they enrich existing content.

Factors Affecting the Distribution of Reels Content

Before we talk more about algorithm changes, let's understand how the Reels algorithm works on Instagram. Just like other digital platforms, Instagram uses algorithms to distribute various types of content according to user preferences. Here are some factors that influence the spread of Reels content:

  1. Relevance : The algorithm considers how relevant a piece of content is to a particular user. Consider content analysis, use of audio, appropriate use of hashtags, and posting times to increase the relevance of your content.
  2. Interaction : The algorithm pays attention to interactions between users and other Instagram accounts. Users who frequently interact with a particular account will be more likely to see the latest Reels from that account.
  3. Popularity : Content that gets a lot of interaction (such as likes, comments, and views) will more easily be included in algorithm recommendations.
  4. Posting Hours : Posting times also influence the distribution of content. Posting at strategic times can increase the visibility of your Reels.

Tips for Maximizing the Distribution of Reels Content

Here are some tips for maximizing the spread of Reels content:

  • Understand the features provided by Instagram Reels , such as audio collections, AR effects, timers, and an editor for combining photos and videos.
  • Carry out careful content planning . Make a simple storyboard to plan the video content you want to make, so that the message you want to convey can be conveyed clearly even in a short duration).
  • Maintain your brand image . Tailor your content to the brand image you want to show, and highlight what differentiates your product or service from competitors via Instagram Reels.
  • Take advantage of the entire Instagram ecosystem . Interaction with users is also very important; comment and like niche-relevant content to increase visibility.
  • Do research to find out what content trends are currently popular and adapt it to your unique style . The ATM strategy (Observe, Imitate, and Modify) can be an effective approach in this regard.
  • Using the right hashtags is also crucial to increasing reach . Don't forget to measure the performance of your content using the analytics provided by Instagram to understand what type of content your audience likes most.

Questions On Future Content Trends

This algorithm overhaul also raises questions about how it will impact future content trends. Will this drive new trends in digital content creation? How does it impact digital marketing strategies? Only time will tell.

For now, what's clear is that Instagram is committed to ensuring that their platform remains a dynamic and innovative place for creative expression. With this change, Instagram hopes to maintain its position as one of the leading social media platforms in the world.

With this Reels algorithm overhaul, we are all reminded of the importance of authenticity and creativity in the digital era. This is an opportunity for all of us to think outside the box and create something truly original.

Let's look forward to seeing how these changes will shape the future of digital content and how we as users can contribute to the ever-evolving creative ecosystem. In this fast-paced world, one thing is certain: original content is king.

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