1001 Best Android Offline Games in the World 2022

Currently in the game market, there are thousands of games with various genres that can satisfy everyone’s enjoyment, from FPS, MMO, Racing, Adventure, all kinds of game genres are available in the play store which is easy to access. All of these games can be downloaded only with a cellphone, only with an Android-based cellphone, and sufficient internet. Wait, what? You don’t have a quota? What? Do you have a quota but the internet is slow? Do you want to play offline games only??


In summary, we have provided a list of the 1001 best offline Android games in the world for those of you who want games that don’t require an internet connection.

1.Minecraft (Sandbox, Survival)

As a game that has dominated the market for a long time, it is certain that Minecraft is included in the list of the best offline games in the world. A sandbox game where players are given the freedom to do whatever they want with the resources found in the world of Minecraft. Whether playing in sandbox or survival mode, Minecraft is very suitable for all gamers to play!

2. Crossy Road (Arcade, Casual)

Crossy Road As the name suggests, crossy road is a game about crossing roads. Players only need to move the character to go forward or turn left or turn right, maybe a little backwards, then continue forward again, er backwards again, and so on, while collecting coins and getting the highest possible score. This game is very addictive with various characters that can be played where each character has its own level environment. This game is perfect for those of you who are bored and don’t have an internet connection.

3. The Room Series (Mystery, Puzzle)

The Room Old Sins The Room is one of the best offline puzzle game series on the Play Store. Currently, The Room has released 4 games in its series, one of these games is The Room: Old Sins, which tells about the disappearance of a husband and wife and you have to find them. You can play games offline but to use the online storage feature, of course, you still need an internet connection. For those of you who like mystery games, The Room series is one that you must try.

4. Bloody Bastard (Fighting)

Bloody Bastards Bloody Bastard is a fighting game where players fight against other bastards in a 1 vs 1 life and death battle. Bloody Bastard itself has a unique blend of Pixel art and Physic Ragdoll which results in a unique and addictive playing combination! You will move your character’s left and right hands separately to attack your opponent. You can play against other players online but this game also has hundreds of stages that can be played offline. For those of you who like fighting games and are looking for something new and unique, Bloody Bastard is a must try.

5. Maximus 2 (Beat Em’ Up)

Maximus 2 Maximus 2 is the sequel to Maximus (yeah, that’s obvious) and is a game in the Beat em’ Up genre. For those who are not very familiar with the beat em’ up genre, this is like the games that are usually found in arcades, games like Golden Ax , Double Dragon, or Kung-Fu Master. If you still don’t know maybe we are of different generations 😅. Maximus 2 is filled with action-packed series and gags that will keep you company as you take down your enemies and beat levels. For those of you who want to reminisce about the beat em up genre or want to try a game in this genre, Maximus 2 is perfect for you.

6. OPUS: Rocket of Whispers (Adventure, Story-Based) OPUS: Rocket of Whispers

Set in a post-apocalypse world, Opus tells the story of John, the son of a rocket kang, and Fei, a girl who has just woken up from a long 20-year slumber. They must work together to build a rocket with the items they can find. This adventure game is very story heavy, with a good story. For those of you who like games with very enjoyable stories, it’s clear that you should try Opus: Rocket of Whisper.

7. I Love Hue (Puzzle)

I Love Hue

Are you under stress? A lot of things in mind? Want to play games but you are 100% sure it will add more stress when playing? Well, it can be treated by playing I Love Hue. I Love Hue is a relaxing puzzle game where you play by adjusting the colors to match the gradations. Without pressure, without coercion, this game is very light on the heart. For those of you who want to satisfy your OCD, I Love Hue is worth a try.

8. Gear. Club (Racing)

Gear. Club For those of you who have an automotive hobby or just play racing-themed games, Gear.Club might be the game you’re looking for. With good graphics, a large selection of cars, car customization, and comfortable controls, Gear.Club is one of the best choices among other racing games.

9. Stardew Valley (Simulation, Farming)

Stardew Valley Maybe this one game is already familiar to you, this game that has won many awards is none other than Stardew Valley. In Stardew Valley you play as someone who is tired of city life and chooses to work on his grandfather’s farm in the country. There are many activities that can be done in Stardew Valley, from farming, herding livestock, fishing, adding, to fighting monsters. Stardew also has a wide variety of characters to befriend, some of whom can even get married and… ahem. For those of you who are happy with Harvest Moon, or other farming simulation games. Stardew Valley is a game that you must try.

10. Rise Of Demons (FPS, Action)

Rise Of Demons Rise of Demons is a doom-inspired FPS game, where you have to survive the attacks of demons using the weapons you have. You can collect energy by eliminating a series of waves of demons that come to attack you, and use it to upgrade your weapons and become more to finish off the demons that you killed before so that they are more depleted than what you killed before. For those of you who like fast-paced games, you might find Rise of Demons very addictive and worth a try.

11. Limbo (Puzzles, Platformers)

Limbo Limbo is an award-winning Puzzle-Platformer game. With audio and visuals that reinforce the atmosphere, Limbo brings players into a world between life and death as a child who suddenly wakes up in the middle of a forest, not knowing where he is or where to go. For those of you who like games with the platformer genre or games with a gloomy feel, Limbo is a game that you should try.

12. Unknown Fate (Puzzle, Adventure)

Unknown Fate - Mysterious Puzzle Adventure Unknown Fate is an FPS adventure game where you play Richard, who suddenly enters a surreal world. Filled with mystery and monsters, you must find your way back. How is the fate of Richard? If you like FPS adventure games filled with action and deep stories, maybe you should try this game first.

13. Diagnosis: multitude (Horror)

Diagnosis: multitude A strange situation occurred at the opening of the Fox Friend Kindergarten, and now it is a residence for oddballs with psychological problems. Diagnosis: multitude is an FPS horror game where you have to save yourself from the people living inside Fox Friend Kindergarden. For those of you who like horror games, Diagnosis: Multitude can be a choice of games to play when there is no internet connection.

14. Warnet Life (Simulation)

Warnet Life From the name alone, we can guess what kind of game Warnet Life is. In Warnet Life you will have your own cafe, and you have to manage it so that it becomes a popular cafe. With a variety of cute characters in it, Warnet Life is a game that is very addictive and has local content that Indopride fans will surely like. For those of you who like simulation games or those of you who have dreams of becoming an internet cafe admin but are forced to become civil servants, playing Warnet Life might be the right choice to experience that life. Well, that’s the 1001 best offline games in the world according to Summary.com~ Of course I didn’t really write up the 1001 best games, because I don’t have time to play up to that many games, it’s hoped that after reading this, you can find what you can play on your spare time ok!! Excited gamers!!

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