Aaron Sorkin Ready to Write 'The Social Network' Sequel, What Happened to Facebook Worth Telling?

The world of cinema has once again been shocked by news that is quite surprising for fans of biographical films and technology. Aaron Sorkin, the Oscar-winning screenwriter, is reportedly writing a potential sequel to the phenomenal film 'The Social Network'. This film, which was first released in 2010, successfully depicts the origins of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg's journey in building his social media empire.


In 2010, “The Social Network” rocked the world of cinema with its sharp story and brilliant dialogue. Aaron Sorkin successfully presents the conflict between ambition, friendship, and ethical concerns in the creation of Facebook. Jesse Eisenberg played Mark Zuckerberg perfectly, and the film won many awards, including an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

Since then, Facebook has undergone major changes. Privacy scandals, extraordinary growth, and its complex social impact have changed the face of the platform. Aaron Sorkin stated that what happened with Facebook over the last few years is a story well worth telling. He saw the potential to continue the story started in “The Social Network.”

Aaron Sorkin On His Distinctive Writing Style

Aaron Sorkin, known for his sharp and insightful works, such as 'A Few Good Men' and 'The West Wing', certainly has the capacity to tell this story in a compelling and insightful way. With his distinctive writing style, Sorkin is expected to bring the audience to understand more about the consequences of unlimited growth pursued by large technology companies like Facebook.

This sequel to 'The Social Network' will not only be a narratively interesting film, but also a relevant and important work in today's digital era. It is hoped that this film can be a reflection of the reality we face and provide a new perspective on how technology has changed the way we interact, communicate and even think.

Is A Deeper Reflection

The sequel that is being worked on is not just a continuation of the story, but a deeper reflection on the impact of Facebook on society and democracy in recent years. Sorkin himself has stated that he blames Facebook for the storming of the US Capitol on January 6, which was one of the lowest points in the history of American democracy.

The film is expected to delve further into how Facebook's algorithm has been tuned to promote the most divisive material, as this will increase user engagement. This is a bold and controversial move, considering that Facebook has become an integral part of the daily lives of billions of people around the world.

Jesse Eisenberg Ready to Return

Even though it is still in the early stages and there is no studio involved, this project has already generated a lot of speculation and discussion among film fans and critics. The big questions that arise are whether Jesse Eisenberg will return to play Zuckerberg, and whether David Fincher, the director of the first film, will return to direct the sequel.

In a previous interview, Jesse Eisenberg stated that playing a complex character on such a large scale was this rare opportunity. He wants to return to his role as Zuckerberg and continue the character's journey.

Worthy of Being a Continuation of The Social Network


In an interview with THR, Sorkin stated that current events related to Facebook could form the basis of an interesting story for the sequel. Sorkin, known for his fast-paced dialogue and long monologues in his work, has expressed interest in working again with director David Fincher if the project comes to fruition.

Here are the main points from the interview:

  • Possible Sequel : Sorkin believes that Facebook's latest events are worth bringing to the big screen as a sequel to The Social Network .
  • Collaboration with Fincher : Sorkin is open to working again with Fincher, who directed the first film.
  • Story Focus : The first film focuses on the lawsuits and depositions against Zuckerberg during Facebook's early days. A potential sequel could explore the scandals and investigations faced by Facebook, now renamed Meta.
  • Sorkin's Unique Style : Regardless of topic or setting, Sorkin is known for his distinctive writing style and ability to address contemporary issues in his work.

Sorkin has demonstrated his expertise in a variety of film and television show genres, and if The Social Network 2 does get made, it is expected to have as significant an impact as its predecessor.

We are all waiting with great enthusiasm to see how Sorkin will bring the world of Facebook to life on the big screen, and what he will reveal through the stories he will tell. With his reputation and talent, there is no doubt that this sequel will be one of the most anticipated films in the future.

Are you ready to dive back into the world of Facebook with Aaron Sorkin? What do you think, will this sequel be able to present the same strong story as the first film? Give your opinion and let's look forward to the arrival of this film together.

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