Easy! Begini Cara Staking Asterrite dan Territe Ni No Kuni

Ni no Kuni publisher, Netmarble with its crypto wallet called Marblex Wallet, has just released the "Staking" feature, the staking held is Asterrite staking and Territe staking.

Territe and Asterrite are the currencies in the game Ni no Kuni CrossWorlds Global, these currencies can be used by players to upgrade equipment and include an absolute requirement to increase CP.

How to stake Territe and Asterrite?

Download Marblex Wallet on Playstore or Appstore

For Android users, you can click the link here: MARBLEX Wallet – Apps on Google Play
For iOS users here: MARBLEX Wallet on the App Store (apple.com)

How to Staking Territe

First, open the downloaded application, then on the main page click the Territe Token section.

staking territe

After that click on the “Staking” section, or see the image below.

staking territe

Then click "My Stake", there will be a notification "Using the Staking Service", you can read there for the staking terms and regulations from Marblex Wallet, after that select Confirm.

staking territe astterite

After that the appearance of the application will change like that, just click the "Staking" section.

staking territe astterite

The minimum Territe that can be staking is 4 and the maximum is 999,999,999 Territe. After that click next and just confirm like when buying territe.

Done, congratulations you have successfully staked territe!

Then how to Staking Asterrite?

Staking Asterrite is more or less the same way as staking Territe, only the minimum staking is 2 Asterrite.

How long does Asterrite and Territe Staking last?

For the season 1 period, starting from August 29 to October 24.

Details of staking asterrite on September 5, 2022

This is the procedure for staking Territe and Asterrite in a marblex wallet, staking is very suitable for investors to increase their income, especially since Ni no Kuni has a good track record and the price of territe-asterrite has been relatively stable in the last 2 months.

We also have an article about farming Territe fast, you know!

For buying and selling Territe-Asterrite, if you don't know how, you can also check our article here Selling Asterrite-Territe

How? Already enlightened to start staking at Marblex Wallet :D? Hope this article helps!

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Yoshua Marchiano
Joshua Marchiano
2 months ago

banh kok jarang update lagi?

Yoshua Marchiano
Joshua Marchiano
21 days ago

When distri sir?

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