Solving the School Heist: Solve All the Troublemaker Homework Answers

In accordance with the title, this article provides answers to solve homework from 4 characters, the first troublemaker’s answer that came to my mind when doing this homework in my mind was the word in Indonesian, but it turned out that after trying to use English instead I got the right answer..The following are the answers to the PR Troublemaker from 4 characters namely, Boby, Rani, Zaenal and Budi. Immediately you can see below:

Answer from PR Boby Harsana Troublemaker

Here are the 3 words needed to complete Boby’s homework:7 Letters:

Answer from PR Rani Nurzaki Troublemaker

Here are 4 Answers to fill in Rani’s PR:6 Letters:
    1. ABUSED
    2. BODIES
5 Letters:
    1. ASIDE
    2. AUDIO

Answer from PR Zaenal Hotma Lubis Troublemaker

Here are the 5 words needed to fill Zaenal Hotma Lubis’ homework:6 Letters:
    1. GOOSES
    2. GUISES
    3. GUSSIE
    4. USAGES
7 Letters:
    1. SAUSAGE

Answer from PR Budi Raynar Troublemaker

Here are 5 words that can be used to fill in Budi Raynar’s homework.7 Letters:
    1. ADAGIOS
    2. ADIPOSE
    3. ADIPOUS
    4. GAUDIES
    5. PAGODAS

A little background from doing this homework, Boby was asked by Rani and Zaenal to do the homework, while they (Rani and Zaenal) were trying to find CCTV evidence that was in the principal’s room.Boby did not go to school to look for CCTV evidence, because Boby was not good at fighting, while Rani’s role was sneaking into the principal’s room, and Zaenal had an important role to beat the student council members who were on guard at night.After doing this homework, Budi, who was lying on Bob’s bed, finally woke up and chatted with Bob for a while.
After filling in all the homework, you will proceed to the next chapter. We hope this article will help you complete your homework assignment in the Troublemaker game! If there is an answer from the troublemaker homework that cannot be used, please comment below, I will try to correct it.Thanks for coming and reading!
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