Important Tips to Increase CP Ni no Kuni

Again, Ni no Kuni, aren't you bored? Not bored bro T-T, instead of that, let me show a quick way to increase Ni no Kuni's CP

Okay, according to this website, namely, then let's just jump in to it!

The key to increasing CP Ni no Kuni in summary is:

  1. Equipment Level & Enhancement
  2. Familiar Upgrade and Awaken
  3. Records
  4. World Boss and Field Boss
  5. Puzzles
  6. gems
  7. title
  8. Mounts
  9. Costumes
  10. Higgledies
  11. Kingdom Upgrades

For important details, you can read further below!


Records consist of 4 parts, that is: Achievement, Codex, Collection and Records.

Why are Records important? Because from Records alone you can add a very huge CP, dear readers.


For Achievements, I just got a CP Bonus of 26,147, and my level is 62!

Then how do you increase the Achievements? For any details, you can click on the in game achievements menu, and clear them 1 by 1, but I think just play the game normally, and they'll clear itself, guys, because there are so many.


So, if the codex is more of a collection, guys, so the items you get first here will go into the codex. (I don't think this is important)


CP ni no kuni

Isn't the collection important? YES ITS

The collection deals with the codex, but the difference is that the collection records everything, even the upgrade.

IMPORTANT TIPS, don't use your weapons/armor/accessories to upgrade another weapon level, unless the weapon you want to choose is already awaken 10 (Max), this includes the top 10 beginner mistakes (i did that too).


CP ni no kuni

Now, this is the easiest part to do in my opinion, because it doesn't rely too much on probability, guys.

Soulstones and Specialities you can only get it from grinding the necessary monsters and later there will be a drop in the form of soulstones, but remember soulstones have drop chance, it doesn't always kill 1 and then get 1, to overcome this you use the Aroma of Focus which looks like the picture below this:

The function of Aroma of Focus is to increase the number of drop Soulstones and Specialties.

IMPORTANT TIPS, Just use this item when you want to finish your soulstones collection guys, because getting this item is hard.

Vistas and Chests This is the easiest to find guys, but some do require your character level to meet the minimum level, you can see the complete location of Vistas and Chests at this playlist link. VISTAS AND CHEST LOCATION.

World Boss & Field Boss

WB and FB are usually terms that are often used by players to abbreviate the words World Boss and Field Boss. That's also important guys, besides dropping the accessories, there are also red medals to be exchanged at the Medals Shop.

You can see the contents of the medal shop, which is part of the red medal token, they are excellent, anyway, it's really worth doing and this is also an important step to increase your CP.

FAQs: But it's useless that doing the boss field and doesn't get the top ranking???

IT'S USELESS, we still get medals and materials for crafting the boss' accessories, so take advantage of changing channels, so you can have a lot of boss tries!

Pro Tips: Login at 4 am GMT+7 if you are Asian to fight the Field Boss, at that time you can fight a lot boss, since peoples are still sleeping anyway.

Solve the Puzzle

This is also an important step, solve puzzles if you can, imagine for 1 puzzle to give at least 3500+ CP, this is my picture with a total CP of around 16k+ only from puzzle xixixi.

But isn't it difficult to get the puzzle piece? any suggestions?

Yes, there is some way.


  • First, from the dimensional Border, here you can work freely whether you want Natrum or Frozen Lab, it's up to you, later there will be a chance to get the piece, guys.

  • Both can be obtained from the Labyrinth of Dreams, here you can get lots of pieces if you can complete the dungeon.
  • Third, you can get it from a Traveling Merchant, but here you pay 100 diamonds, make sure to buy pieces that are really difficult to get or are still needed, to find where the traveling merchant is, I usually use the “Goto Traveling Merchant” feature which can be found when clicking on the Pages on inventory, for example this:CP ni no kuni
  • All four can be obtained from the main quest or main story, slowly but surely you will be given pieces for the puzzle, and some can even choose which one puzzle pieces you wanted to.


Plug gems in all of your equipment guys, and don't forget to level up, so you can upgrade as much as possible! The total CP Ni no Kuni from there is quite a lot!

CP ni no kuni


That's it, anything that can increase Ni no Kuni's CP to go up fast, at least what I wrote in detail is something that you probably haven't thought of, so for the rest you may already know or for example you don't know you can comment below later I'll answer :D.

Maybe you want to sell asterrite or territe and don't know how, you can read my other posts on Sell Territe and Sell Asterrite

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