Jeff Bezos Will Sell Amazon Shares Worth IDR 81 Trillion

In the dynamic world of business, strategic steps taken by industry leaders often attract the attention of the public and market analysts. One figure who is constantly in the spotlight is Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, who recently announced plans to sell Amazon shares.

Jeff Bezos plans to sell shares in the e-commerce giant worth almost 5 billion US dollars or around Rp. 81 trillion. This plan emerged after the market value of the technology company exceeded 2 trillion US dollars (around Rp. 32 trillion).

Planning to Sell Large Amounts of Amazon Shares

On Tuesday, July 7, 2024, the planned sale of 25 million shares was announced via official notification. Amazon shares hit an all-time high in the trading session, hitting $200.43. To date, Amazon shares have risen more than 30% so far this year, outperforming the Dow Jones Industrial Average which is only up 4%.

Bezos, who founded Amazon in 1994, has changed the way the world shops and does business. From humble beginnings in his garage, Bezos succeeded in turning Amazon into one of the largest and most influential companies in the world. But this latest move raises the question: what prompted Bezos to sell such a large amount of stock?

Is Part of the Strategy

Some analysts believe that this share sale is part of Bezos' strategy to diversify his portfolio and invest more in other areas, such as Blue Origin, his company which operates in the space exploration sector. Bezos, who has long had an interest in space, may see this as an opportunity to expand his business horizons beyond Earth's boundaries.

This share sale also comes at a time when Amazon shares are hitting an all-time high, indicating perfect timing to get maximum value from the sale. According to reports, Bezos sold around 25 million Amazon shares worth 5 billion US dollars. This isn't the first time Bezos has sold shares; he has made regular stock sales since stepping down as CEO of Amazon in 2021.

Other Reasons Behind Selling Shares

Another speculation regarding the reason behind this stock sale is Bezos' potential purchase of the Seattle Seahawks football team. Although there is no official confirmation yet, a large share sale could provide the necessary liquidity for this kind of transaction.

Additionally, there is also the possibility that Bezos wants to increase his commitment to philanthropy. In recent years, Bezos has pledged to donate most of his wealth to charitable causes, and this stock sale could be a step towards fulfilling that promise.

Steps That Have Been Carefully Considered

The question that comes to many people's minds is how this stock sale will affect Amazon's future. As the largest shareholder, Bezos' decision to sell some of his shares will of course be closely watched by the market. But given Bezos' track record in making strategic decisions, many believe that this is a well-considered move.

Will Own About 912 Million Amazon Shares

After this planned sale, Jeff Bezos will own around 912 million Amazon shares, or around 8.8% of the total shares outstanding. In February, he also sold shares worth around US$8.5 billion after Amazon shares rose 80% in 2023.

According to Forbes, Jeff Bezos is currently ranked as the second richest person in the world with a net worth of 214.4 billion US dollars. Apart from being the founder of Amazon, he also leads the space company Blue Origin which successfully launched a six-person crew to the edge of space in May 2024.

The sale of shares by a figure of the caliber of Jeff Bezos is certainly an important event that will continue to be analyzed and discussed in the future. How this impacts Amazon and Bezos' future projects remains to be seen. But one thing is clear, this move once again shows that in the world of business, change is the only constant.

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