Instagram is developing 'Blend', recommended reels for you and your friends

Instagram, the social media platform that has become an inseparable part of everyday life, has once again taken the digital world by storm with its latest announcement. This time, Instagram is working on an innovative feature called "Blend" Reels. This feature is designed to provide a more personal and interactive experience for its users. With “Blend,” users can create personalized feeds, which combine content from various sources they follow, as well as content suggested by Instagram's algorithm.

What is the Blend Feature

This "Blend" feature is a step forward for Instagram in understanding the needs and preferences of its users. Using advanced technology, "Blend" will process information from previous user interactions on the platform, such as the type of content frequently watched, commented on, or liked. From this data, "Blend" will present a combination of content that is harmonious and relevant to the user's interests, so that every time they open Instagram, they will be greeted with a fresh and interesting feed.


The advantage of the "Blend" feature lies not only in its ability to personalize feeds, but also in its interactivity aspect. Users can choose to "blend" content from certain accounts or their favorite topics. This gives users greater control in determining what they want to see and when they want to see it. In addition, "Blend" also allows users to collaborate with other users in creating unique Reels, by combining clips or images from various sources into one connected narrative.

This Reels "Blend" feature also marks a new era in the way content is shared on Instagram. With this feature, users are not just passive recipients of an endless stream of content, but also become active curators of their own experiences. This creates new opportunities for content creators to better connect with their audiences, and for users to discover content that truly resonates with them.

The development of the "Blend" feature also reflects Instagram's commitment to continuing to innovate and adapt to the latest trends. In an era where personalization and interactivity are key, Instagram doesn't want to be left behind. They want to ensure that their platform remains relevant and attractive to an ever-evolving and changing generation of users.

Questions and Concerns With the Blend Feature

But as with every technological innovation, there are questions and concerns that arise with the introduction of this "Blend" feature. One of them is how Instagram will handle the privacy and security of user data. By collecting and analyzing user data more intensively, Instagram must ensure that they have strong security protocols in place to protect users' personal information.

Additionally, there are also questions about how this feature will affect social dynamics on the platform. Will “Blend” improve filter bubbles, where users only see content that matches their views and preferences? Or will this feature help broaden users' horizons by introducing them to new content and perspectives?

Even though there are still many unanswered questions, it cannot be denied that the "Blend" Reels feature is a bold step from Instagram. This shows that they are not afraid to experiment and try new things to improve the user experience. And for Instagram users, it's an opportunity to enjoy the platform they love in a more personal and dynamic way.


TechCrunch reports that Instagram is developing a feature called “Blend”. This feature aims to create a personal feed of recommended Reels for users and their friends. Currently, Blend is still in the internal prototype stage and has not been tested externally.

This feature was first discovered by Alessandro Paluzzi, a Reverse Engineer, who often finds social media features that are in development before they are officially launched. Based on screenshots posted by Paluzzi, Blend will include “recommendations for Reels based on the Reels you have shared with each other and your Reels interests.” In other words, if you invite a friend into Blend, Instagram will generate a private feed of Reels that it believes will be of interest to both of you.

Blend appears to be similar to Spotify's Blend feature, where two people can combine their favorite songs into one shared playlist. The screenshot shows that Blend will be private between you and other users, and you can leave Blend at any time. Instagram hasn't shared any further details about the feature, including whether Blend will be continuously updated with new recommendations or only updated after a certain period of time.

Becoming More Competitive and Initiative

Unfortunately, Instagram has not provided further details about this new feature. Will the “Blend” Reels be truly private, and will you be able to switch from one blend to another at any time? Users will have to wait and see if the Reels feed will continue to update or if there is a set refresh time. That said, Blend could be a new initiative to improve Reels and get everyone watching more. If this feature is launched, Instagram will be even more competitive with TikTok in the world of short videos.

With “Blend” Reels, Instagram hopes to take the content sharing experience to a higher level, where each user can feel like they are part of a larger community, while still maintaining their uniqueness and personal preferences. This is Instagram's vision of the future, where technology and creativity meet to create something truly magical.

We are all looking forward to seeing how this “Blend” feature will be implemented and accepted by the Instagram community. Will this be a revolutionary feature or just a passing trend? Only time will tell. But one thing is certain, Instagram continues to strive to not only be a photo sharing platform, but also a creative space that allows every user to express themselves and connect with other people around the world.

What do you think about the Reels "Blend" feature? Are you excited to try it? Share your thoughts and let's wait together for the arrival of this promising new feature on Instagram.

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