How to Change the Colored Honkai Star Rail Name

Hello friends, back again with, here I will tell you how to change the name or bio profile on Honkai Star Rail/HSR to be colored.Get straight to how it works, check below!

How to rename a colored HSR

1. Enter the profile menu

To enter the profile menu, press ESC then click the dot 3 button above the right and click Trailbazer Profile.

2. Choose what you want to change, Name or Bio

Click one to choose which one to replace.

3. Use the code to change the color

To change the color there are several codes that can be used, namely
<color=”red”>bio</a>Change the text to red, for colors other than red you can change “red” to any color in English, for example purple = purple, then you can use <color=”purple”>Purple</a>
<a>Name</a>Change the profile name to blue, an alternative if your name is too long and not enough for the color code.
Besides that, there is also a code that can be used, the following code:
<s>bio.</s>strike through/crossed out
<u>bio</u>underline / underscore
<pos=30%> bioTo change the position of the bio according to what you want, change the 30% number to something other than what you want
<color= #FF000030 >transparent bio</a>Change the number behind it to how many % it is visible (in the example I gave it was 30%)
<color=”red”>R</a><color=”green”>G</a><a>B</a><color=” #f00 “>R</a><color=” #0f0 “>G</a><color=” #00f “>B</a>Combining color codes 1 and others
<B>Bio</B>Change the font to Bold
<I>Bio</I>Change the font to italic/italic
That’s a collection of codes that can be used to change the name and bio to make it more interesting, if there are other codes that you missed, you can try commenting below! Thanks for reading.
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