How to Add Admins on Discord: Complete Guide

Discord is a very popular chat platform among gamers and online communities. Many communities use Discord to communicate and coordinate, and often need additional admins to help manage servers and moderate chat. How to add admin on discord?If you own a Discord server or an existing admin, you may have experienced difficulty adding a new admin to your server. However, there is no need to worry, because in this article, we will discuss in detail how to add an admin on Discord.

What is an Admin on Discord?

An admin on Discord is the person authorized to manage the server, edit settings, delete messages, moderate chat, and log users off the server. Admins can also help keep servers safe and organized, and can ensure that other users follow the rules set.

Steps to Add Admin on Discord

Here is a step by step guide on how to add admins to your Discord server:

Step 1: Open Discord and Open Server

The first step is to open the Discord app and log in to the server you want to manage. If you don’t have a server yet, you can create one by clicking the “+ Create Server” button on the left side of the application.

Step 2: Open Server Settings

After logging in to the server, click on the cog icon on the top right side of the screen to open the server settings.

Step 3: Click the “Roles” Tab

how to add admin on discord
On the left of the server settings, click the “Roles” tab.

Step 4: Click the “+” or “Create Role” Button

how to add admin on discord
At the top of the “Roles” tab, click the “+” button. This will open a menu to add a new role.

Step 5: Name the New Role

In the “Add Role” menu, provide a name for the new role you want to create. You can choose a color and add a description if necessary.

Step 6: Choose Permissions for the New Role

After providing a name for the new role, select the permissions you want to grant the new admin. For example, if you want the new admin to be able to delete messages and moderate the chat, make sure the “Manage Messages” and “Manage Channels” permissions are added.

Step 7: Click the “Save Changes” Button

After adding the required permissions, click the “Save Changes” button to save the new role.

Step 8: Add New Admin to Role

Once the new role has been added, look for the new admin’s name in the list of users on the right of the screen. Right-click the username and select the “Add Role” option. Select the new role you have created for the new admin.

Step 9: Confirm Role Addition

After adding a new role, Discord will ask for confirmation to add the role. Click “Add” to add a new role to the new admin.

Step 10: Successfully Added New Admin

The new admin has now been added to your server and has permissions to manage the server, moderate chat, and delete messages.

Tips for Adding Admins on Discord

    • Consider carefully before adding a new admin to your server. Make sure that you trust them completely and they understand their duties and responsibilities as an admin.
    • Provide clear and detailed instructions on what is expected of the new admin. Include server rules and policies they must comply with.
    • Make sure that the new admin understands how to use Discord features, such as how to delete messages, moderate chats, and log users off the server.
    • Provide ample resources and support for new admins, such as copies of server policies, tutorials, and guides for important Discord features.
    • Make sure that you always supervise new admins and ensure that they comply with server rules and policies.
By following this guide, you will be able to easily add new admins to your Discord server and help keep your server safe and organized.


    • Can I add more than one admin to my Discord server? Yes, you can add more than one admin to your Discord server.
    • Can I remove the admin from my Discord server? Yes, you can remove admins from your Discord server.
    • What to do if the new admin doesn’t understand their duties and responsibilities? You must provide clear, detailed instructions on what is expected of the new admin and provide sufficient resources and support to help them understand their duties.
    • Can the new admin modify server settings? Yes, new admins can modify server settings, depending on the permissions granted to them.
    • Do I have to pay the new admin? Depends on your deal with the new admin. Some admins may accept the assignment voluntarily, while others may require payment or other compensation.


Adding new admins to your Discord server can help keep your server safe and organized. In this article, we’ve covered detailed steps on how to add admins on Discord, as well as some tips that can help you choose and manage admins wisely.Feel free to give this guide a try and help improve the user experience on your Discord server. That’s how to add an admin on Discord, hope this helps!
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