How a business or trade can be said to be innovative

Hello friends Summarized! This time we will discuss a business or trade that can be said to be innovative. What is meant by innovation? How to assess whether a business or trade can be said to be innovative? And what are the examples of innovative business or trade in Indonesia? Come on, see the following article!

How a business or trade can be said to be innovative

Definition of Innovation

How a business or trade can be said to be innovative 2

According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), innovation is the introduction or application of something new, such as ideas, methods, processes, products or services. Innovation can also be interpreted as changes that result in increased quality, efficiency or added value for business or trade actors.

Characteristics of an Innovative Business or Trade

Then, how do you know whether a business or trade can be said to be innovative? There are several characteristics that we can see, including:

How a business or trade can be said to be innovative 3
  • Able to meet consumer needs or desires that have not been met before, or provide solutions to problems faced by consumers.
  • Able to create new markets or expand existing markets by offering products or services that are different from competitors.
  • Able to improve the performance, productivity or effectiveness of business or trade by using technology, methods or processes that are more sophisticated, fast, easy or cost-effective.
  • Able to adapt to changes in the environment, market, or consumers by making improvements, enhancements, or product or service diversification.

Examples of Innovative Business or Trade in Indonesia

The following are some examples of innovative businesses or trades in Indonesia:

How a business or trade can be said to be innovative 4
  • Gojek: is a digital platform that provides a variety of transportation, logistics, payment, entertainment and lifestyle services. Gojek has succeeded in changing the paradigm of online transportation in Indonesia by presenting application-based motorcycle taxi services. In addition, Gojek also continues to develop new features that make it easier for users in various aspects of daily life.
  • Tokopedia: is an e-commerce platform that allows anyone to sell and buy goods online. Tokopedia offers transaction convenience and security for sellers and buyers with features such as an escrow payment system, money back guarantee, free shipping, and others. Tokopedia also continues to innovate by launching features such as Tokopedia Salam, Tokopedia Play, Tokopedia Pintar, and others.
  • Kopi Kenangan: a local coffee drink brand that offers quality coffee at affordable prices. Kopi Kenangan carries a grab-and-go concept that makes it easier for consumers to order and pick up drinks without queuing. Kopi Kenangan also uses digital technology to enhance consumer experience, such as mobile applications, QR codes and chatbots.


From the explanation above, we can conclude that innovation is important for a business or trade to be able to compete and develop in this digital era. Innovation can be done in various ways, from creating new products or services that meet consumer needs, creating new markets by offering added value for consumers, improving business or trade performance by using advanced technology, to adapting to environmental changes.

Thus this article is about innovation in the world of business or trade. Hopefully useful and add to your insight. If you have questions or feedback regarding this article, please write in the comments column below. Thank you and see you in the next article!

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