How Do Blankets Keep You Warm When It's Cold? It turns out like this!

Hello friends Summarized! Have you ever felt cold in cold weather? Surely you will find ways to warm your body, such as wearing thick clothes or blankets. But do you know how a blanket can warm your body when it’s cold? Come on, see the following explanation!

Blanket, Effective Heat Insulator

How do blankets warm you when you're cold?
A blanket is an object that includes a heat insulator, which is an object that can keep heat from escaping or entering. Blankets are usually made of a soft, fluffy material, such as wool, cotton, or synthetics. These materials have a lot of empty space between their fibers which can reduce heat transfer by conduction.Conduction is the transfer of heat by direct contact between objects that have different temperatures. For example, when you touch an ice cube, heat from your hand will transfer to the ice cube by conduction. This makes your hands feel cold and the ice cubes melt.When you wear a blanket, the heat from your body will not easily transfer to the surrounding air because it is blocked by the blanket. The heat will be trapped in the blanket and keep your body warm. Conversely, cold air from outside will also not easily get into the blanket because it is blocked by the blanket.

Another Way to Warm the Body

Apart from using blankets, there are several other ways you can use to keep your body warm when you are feeling cold, namely:
    • Keep the body dry. A sweaty body or wet clothes can make you feel colder. So, when the weather is cold, you should use clothes that can absorb sweat.
    • Drink warm water. Warm water can give a warm sensation in the mouth and stomach. You can also add ginger or cinnamon which have a thermogenic effect, which increases metabolism and heat production in the body.
    • Eat spicy and fatty foods. Spicy and fatty foods can stimulate blood flow and burn calories in the body. This can raise your body temperature and make you feel warm longer.
    • Active move. Body movements can generate heat due to muscle contractions. You can do light exercise, such as jogging, gymnastics, or yoga to warm up your body.
    • shivers. Shivering is the body’s natural response to cold. When shivering, the muscles of the body will contract rapidly and produce heat. This can help keep your core body temperature from dropping.


A blanket is an object that includes a heat insulator that can keep heat from escaping or entering. Blankets can warm the body when it’s cold because they can block heat transfer by conduction between the body and the surrounding air.Apart from using blankets, there are several other ways you can use to warm your body when you are cold, such as keeping your body dry, drinking warm water, eating spicy and fatty foods, being active, and shivering.This is an explanation of how a blanket can be a helper when it’s cold. Hopefully this article is useful and adds to your insight. If you have questions or feedback, please write in the comments column below. Thank You!
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