Get to know the types of friendship, find the type that suits you

Friendship is one of the most important aspects of human life. Since ancient times, humans have formed strong social bonds with each other. In the journey of life, we will meet various types of friendship. Each type has different characteristics and dynamics. This article will invite you to get to know the various types of friendship and find out which type is closest to the relationship you have.

What is Friendship

Friendship is a deep emotional bond between two or more people, which is based on mutual trust, respect and support for each other. This concept has been the subject of research in various scientific disciplines, including sociology, anthropology, and psychology, because of its crucial role in human life. Friendships provide social support that can help individuals get through difficult times, celebrate happy moments, and gain a sense of understanding and acceptance.

In friendships, there are often shared interests and values that strengthen the relationship. Friends usually enjoy activities together, share experiences, and give each other useful advice. They also tend to show empathy, sympathy, and honesty, even in challenging situations. Friendship often involves a level of emotional intimacy that allows someone to share their deepest feelings and thoughts. These relationships can provide a sense of security, increase self-confidence, and encourage personal growth.

Types of Friendship

Here are the different types of friendship and find out which type is closest to the relationship you have:

Leaf (Seasonal Friends)

Like leaves that only appear in certain seasons, this type of friendship also comes and goes seasonally. Although they can provide temporary shade, these relationships tend to be weak and easily lost when circumstances change. These friendship leaves may just take what they need from us. Remember, it doesn't mean they are bad, but they are not always there in good times or bad. This type of friendship does not last long.

Branch (Branch Friends)

Relationships like tree branches can last longer, even through different seasons. The bonds in this type of friendship are stronger than dry leaves that fall when the seasons change. But when pressure comes, friends like tree branches are not always strong enough to face it. They tend to avoid high-risk relationships. This type of friendship is more suitable for long-term relationships.

Root (Root Friends)

If you have friends like tree roots, consider it good luck. Friends like roots are always beside us, even in bad situations. They are willing to face all burdens and storms with us. This type of friendship is reliable and lasts throughout life. They are the roots that keep us upright.

Facing Difficulties in Friendships

Facing difficulties in friendships can be a confusing and painful challenge. However, there are several steps you can take to overcome this situation.

  • It is important to communicate honestly and openly with your friends. Explain your feelings without blaming them or making them feel bad.
  • Listen with empathy to what they say. Sometimes, just being heard can make a big difference.
  • Try not to take everything personally. Misunderstanding and conflict are a normal part of every relationship.
  • Practice forgiveness. Forgiveness doesn't mean you forget what happened, but it allows you to move forward.
  • Remember to respect yourself. Take care of your mental health and do activities that make you feel good.
  • Consider setting healthy boundaries. Boundaries help keep relationships from becoming toxic.
  • Remember that change is a part of life. Friendships can develop or end, and that's normal.
  • Don't be afraid to seek professional help if you feel it is necessary. A therapist can help you manage your emotions and develop strategies for dealing with relationship difficulties.


      After getting to know the various types of friendship, maybe you can identify some that exist in your life. Each type has its own value and uniqueness. The most important thing is how we value and maintain these relationships so that they remain meaningful and positive.

      So, how do you identify your friendship type? Pay attention to how firm and committed your friends are in maintaining relationships, especially when conditions are difficult. Remember that each type of friendship has a different role and meaning, and they all contribute to the diversity and beauty of our social relationships.

      If you want to learn more about the type of friendship that suits you, you can also try an online quiz that digs deeper into the character of your friendship. Hopefully this article helps you better understand and appreciate the friendships in your life!

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