Apple and Efforts to Prevent Fraudulent Transactions, IDR 112 Trillion Saved

In this sophisticated digital era, online transaction security is a top priority for users and service providers. Apple, as one of the world's technology giants, has demonstrated its commitment to maintaining user security by successfully preventing fraudulent transactions worth IDR 112 trillion on the App Store. This effort is part of Apple's ongoing commitment to creating a safe and trusted ecosystem for users and application developers.

Apple Successfully Prevents Fraudulent Transactions

In 2022, Apple announced that it had successfully prevented more than $2 billion in potentially fraudulent transactions. This is the result of a continuously updated and improved security system, which not only protects users but also maintains the integrity of the platform. With an average weekly visit of 650 million users worldwide, the App Store has become an innovative and dynamic place for Apple's more than 36 million registered developers to showcase their ideas and grow their businesses.

Account Fraud

Apple has developed various methods and protocols to detect and prevent the creation of developer accounts that have the potential to engage in fraudulent activity. In 2021, Apple terminated more than 802,000 developer accounts for suspicious activity. But in 2022, that number dropped to 428,000 thanks to a new method that allows the App Store to prevent the creation of potentially fake accounts.

In addition, Apple is also taking action against customer accounts that engage in fraudulent activities. In 2022, more than 282 million customer accounts were disabled due to involvement in fraudulent and abusive activities. Apple also managed to block 198 million attempts to create potentially fraudulent new accounts before they could be created.

Become the Main Line of Defense

App reviews in the App Store are also a key line of defense in protecting users from hundreds of thousands of unsafe apps. Every app developed through Xcode, Apple's official development tool, is systematically checked to ensure that they use legitimate technology and meet minimum standards for the App Store.

With persistent efforts, Apple managed to prevent nearly 57,000 untrusted apps from illegal app stores that do not have the same privacy and security protections as the App Store. In the last 30 days alone, Apple blocked nearly 3.9 million attempts to install or launch apps illegally distributed through its Enterprise Developer Program, which allows large organizations to deploy internal apps for use by employees.

How Apple Identifies Fraudulent Transactions

Apple uses various methods and protocols to identify fraudulent transactions in the App Store. Here are some steps taken by Apple:

Transaction Pattern Analysis

Apple monitors transaction patterns thoroughly. If there is a suspicious pattern, the system will alert the security team. Examples of suspicious patterns include repeated purchases of large amounts over a short period of time or use of the same credit card for multiple accounts.

User and Developer Account Verification

Apple strictly checks user and developer accounts. Accounts involved in suspicious activity will be followed up. Identification based on IP addresses, transaction history, and other information helps identify suspicious accounts.

Application Check

Before an app is allowed into the App Store, Apple performs a rigorous security check. Xcode, Apple's development tool, checks application code to ensure compliance with security guidelines and standards.

Automatic Detection System

Apple uses an automated monitoring system that can detect suspicious activity in real-time. If there are indications of fraud, the system will block the transaction or send a warning to the user.

Collaboration with Financial Institutions

Apple works with financial institutions to monitor transactions and identify potential fraud. If there is a suspicious transaction, Apple coordinates with financial institutions to take action.

    All of these steps help Apple prevent fraudulent transactions and maintain the security and quality of the App Store for users and developers.

    In conclusion, Apple has shown extraordinary dedication in fighting fraudulent transactions and safeguarding the App Store ecosystem. With advanced technology and a dedicated team, Apple continually strives to provide a safe and secure experience for users and app developers. We can all take a lesson from Apple's efforts, that security and trust are valuable assets that must be maintained in the digital world.

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