Jawaban dari STP (STPT) Binance Learn & Earn

Pada tanggal 19 Juli 2022, Binance merilis pengumuman untuk quiz Binance Learn & Earn yang baru, quiz yang baru adalah PAXG, SKL dan STPT. Semua user yang sudah KYC bisa mengukuti quiz ini, disini saya akan memberikan jawaban yang ada di quiz STP Binance Learn & Earn.

jawaban STP binance

Pertanyaan dan jawaban dari quiz Binance STP (STPT) Learn & Earn

Q: What chains is STP bridging with its cross-chain technology?
A: Ethereum to Polygon

Q: Which participation metrics are trackable on Clique?
A: All are correct

Q: Which technology enables cross-chain governance on STP?
A: Data Bridge

Q: What problem does Clique solve?
A: Fragmentation of DAO tools in the space

Q: What is the main use case of STPT?
A: Governance

Q: What are the two main functions of Clique?
A: DAO creation and DAO management

Q: What type of DAOs does STP have a pre-made template for?
A: Investment DAO, Membership DAO, and Project DAO

Q: What is the native coin of STP?

Q: What is Clique
A: The all-in-one DAO platform that enhances member participation in DAOs through a single platform for everything DAO-related, whether it be voting, proposals, social posts, analytics, token management, etc.

Q: For DAOs on layer-1 blockchains, how is the voting power for governance on Clique determined?
A: The voting power will be dependent on the amount of native DAO tokens held by users in their wallet using the cross-chain technology


How does STP work? 

STP offers solutions for DAO creation, management, as well as governance using their all-in-one DAO tool, Clique.

Clique helps alleviate the fragmentation of DAO tooling by providing a comprehensive dashboard for users to manage all their activity across multiple DAOs.

DAO creation, DAO management and governance, Monitoring active participation among members

Explain of Cross-chain governance with Data Bridge

The Verse Network’s Data Bridge enables cross-chain governance for DAOs. The Data Bridge serves as a cross-chain synchronizer to communicate data and voting results between the DAO’s original chain (Ethereum) and Polygon, where Clique is located. 

On the Polygon chain, the governance contract allows users to create and vote on proposals. The voting power of a user is determined by the snapshot of their token holdings at the time a proposal is created.

Validator nodes store historical data and snapshots from Ethereum as a certificate in order to deliver user signatures on Polygon.

What is STPT?

The native token of STP is called STPT. Token holders can use STPT to vote for governance proposals related to its ecosystem and future development. STPT is also used to access the full suite of tools on Verse including Clique and Data Bridge.

Short explain about STPT

STP is working towards an inclusive DAO ecosystem that can be used by anyone. The suite of tools available on Verse Network allows for easy DAO creation and management as it aims to unify the DAO space and encourage adoption.

Mungkin kamu tertarik dengan postingan ini juga Jawaban dari Binance SKALE (SKL) Learn & Earn dan ini juga Jawaban dari Binance PAX Gold Learn & Earn.

Itu dia list pertanyaan dan jawaban dari STP Binance Learn & Earn, semoga membantu!

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Yoshua Marchiano
Yoshua Marchiano
1 year ago

Saya nyari-nyari SPPT malah nyasar kesini 😅