Russian mega-submarine stokes fears of recent naval cold conflict

July 25, 2022

The Russian military has taken transport of what's the world's longest recognized submarine, others say is a platform for espionage and probably nuclear guns.

If the Belgorod can effectively upload those new skills to the Russian fleet, conflict beneath the sea with US and Russian subs monitoring and hunting every different in stressful face-offs.

The CRS reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin had touted the Poseidons in a 2018 speech, "They are quiet, highly manoeuvrable and have hardly any vulnerabilities for the enemy to exploit".

"That is nonetheless a technology in improvement, each the torpedo and the platform," stated Hans Kristensen, director of the Nuclear data challenge at the Federation of american Scientists.

The Poseidon isn't always predicted to be ready for deployment until the second half of of this decade, he said. The CRS said it did now not assume the Poseidon torpedoes to be deployed till 2027.

Then there may be the poor performance of the Russian military in its war on Ukraine, part of which analysts blame on awful weapons layout and corruption which has seen renovation of Russian military hardware ignored.

"Ukraine is a reminder that Russian advanced weapons aren't silver bullets, there is each motive to agree with that an intercontinental-range nuclear-powered torpedo may have its truthful proportion of issues,"

In a news launch in advance this month, the Russian shipbuilder highlighted the Belgorod's non-lethal competencies, saying it unfolded "new possibilities for Russia" to conduct "clinical expeditions and rescue operations in the maximum remote regions of the arena ocean".