Police respond to exchange of gunfire at Centennial Park campground in East Anchorage

Anchorage police were responding Wednesday evening to what witnesses said was an exchange of gunfire in the campground at Centennial Park in East Anchorage. Witnesses reported a number of shots were fired around 8 p.m.

Witnesses reported hearing many rounds of gunfire. The Anchorage Police Department’s mobile crime scene van, used to investigate serious crimes, arrived a little after 9 p.m. Police declined to answer questions about what happened.

On Sunday night, a fight in the campground drew a large police response and resulted in multiple assaults on officers, police said.  The campground has drawn frequent police response since it was repurposed at the end of June. By Monday morning, there had been 83 calls for service at the campground, according to data provided by the police department.

Earlier Wednesday, authorities killed a black bear in the campground after it was suspect of getting into tents — the fifth black bear killed there since late June.