Tips to Get Rid of Body Odor, Keep Your Body Smell Fresh

Maintaining a fresh and fragrant body odor throughout the day is the desire of many people. Not only does it increase self-confidence, but it also gives a positive impression to the people around us. However, the problem of body odor is often a barrier. For this reason, let's discuss some effective tips for dealing with body odor problems.

Causes of Body Odor

The causes of body odor can vary, ranging from biological to environmental factors. Biologically, apocrine sweat glands located in areas such as the armpits and groin produce sweat that is rich in protein. This sweat itself has no smell, but when it interacts with bacteria on the surface of the skin, the process of breaking down proteins by these bacteria produces odor molecules.

The following are the causes of body odor from various factors:

Stress and Anxiety

Additionally, certain medical conditions such as diabetes can cause body odor due to a complication called diabetic ketoacidosis, in which the body burns fat and produces ketones that can cause odor. Stress and anxiety can also increase excessive sweat production, which can then cause body odor, especially if a person experiences hyperhidrosis, which is a condition of excessive sweat production that is not related to temperature or physical activity.

Consuming Certain Foods

Another factor that can influence body odor is the consumption of certain foods. Foods that contain ingredients such as garlic, spices, and other spicy foods can affect the smell of sweat. Hormonal changes, such as those that occur during menstruation, menopause, or pregnancy, can also affect body odor. Infections in certain areas of the body, such as vaginal infections, can also cause unpleasant odors.

It is important to remember that body odor is normal and each person has a unique body odor. However, if body odor becomes a bothersome problem, consulting a doctor or skin specialist can provide a more specific and effective solution. Doctors can recommend treatment that suits individual causes and conditions, as well as provide recommendations for care products that can help overcome body odor problems.

Tips for Overcoming Body Odor

Here are some effective tips to deal with body odor problems:


Cleanliness is the main key. Bathing regularly with antibacterial soap can help reduce odor-causing bacteria on the skin. Make sure to clean areas that frequently sweat such as the armpits, neck and feet more thoroughly.


Deodorant or antiperspirant is our best friend in fighting body odor. These products work by reducing sweating or inhibiting bacterial growth. Choose products that suit your skin type and daily activity needs.


Clothing also plays an important role. Wear clothing made from 'breathable' materials, such as cotton, which helps air circulation and reduces sweating. Avoid tight clothing that can trap sweat and bacteria.

Pay Attention to Food

Pay attention to food intake. Some foods and drinks, such as onions, caffeine, and alcohol, can affect the smell of sweat. Consume a balanced diet and lots of water to help the body remove toxins more effectively.

Maintain Weight

Maintain ideal body weight. Being overweight can cause excessive sweating, which is a place for bacteria to grow. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can help maintain weight and reduce body odor.

Consider Using Perfume

Consider using perfume or cologne. The subtle scent can add a layer of protection against body odor. However, don't use it excessively so as not to create a too strong aroma.

Consult a Doctor

Consult a doctor if body odor problems persist. In some cases, persistent body odor can be a sign of certain medical conditions that require further treatment.

Foods That Can Help Reduce Body Odor

Bad body odor can be an annoying problem, but did you know that certain types of food can help reduce this problem? Here is a list of foods that can help keep your body smelling fresh:

  1. Green Vegetables : Vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, and kale are rich in chlorophyll, which has the ability to neutralize body odor.
  2. Fiber-Rich Foods : High-fiber foods such as fruits, nuts, and seeds help the body's natural digestion and detoxification processes, thereby reducing body odor.
  3. Citrus Fruits : Fruits such as oranges, lemons, and grapefruit are rich in acids that can increase water flow in the body, helping to reduce toxins that cause body odor.
  4. Herbal Drinks : Drinks made from herbal ingredients such as peppermint tea and jasmine flower tea can improve digestion and provide a fresher aroma from within the body.
  5. Button Mushrooms : These mushrooms contain zinc, which is necessary for the immune system and is also known to help reduce body odor.
  6. Foods with Zinc (Zinc) : Foods such as shellfish, lobster, crab, and dairy products such as yoghurt and kefir are also rich in zinc, which helps reduce body odor.

By following the tips above, we can improve our quality of life by maintaining a fresh and fragrant body odor. Some foods can also help reduce body odor. Remember that each person has a unique body condition, so it may take some experimenting to find the most effective strategy. Hopefully this article is useful and helps you overcome body odor problems. Keep trying and don't give up, because a fragrant body all day long is not an impossible dream to realize.

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