How to Send Large Files on Discord Without Nitro!

Sending large files on discord or files over 8MB without having Discord Nitro is definitely a hindrance for all freebies (my example is).

But is there really a way to send large files without Discord Nitro?? That's the thing that popped into my head when I wanted to send a meme to a friend on my discord server.

After experimenting from all over the country, I finally got what I wanted, and of course I will share it with my friends at diringkas.com, who are wise and have noble character.

How to send files over 8mb on Discord?

  1. Using SteelSeries GG.
  2. Video compressor VEED.IO.
  3. Make use of Google Drive.
  4. Using GFYcat.
  5. Take advantage of PrintScreen.

Detailed Explanation

SteelSeries GG

Surely many of you have never used SteelSeries GG, what is SteelSeries GG?

If you know instant replay, SteelSeries GG is one of the platforms that provides this service, and why did I put SteelSeries GG here? The answer is because it has a built-in export feature that supports a specific size of 8MB, which is very specific, maybe this is for discord gangs.

The way to get to the Export menu, you click moments, after that select the clip you want to reduce the file size, then click export which is in the top right.

It looks like that, but we can only use this feature after capturing the instant replay of the clip we want, so the limitations are there, guys.

SteelSeries GG supports the big games you play, for example Valorant, Dota2, etc.

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Veed.io is a video, music, image editing platform etc. For this discussion, we will focus on features Video Compressor.

Because SteelSeries GG can only compress videos from clips, then Veed.io is the answer to our sadness (what a shame).

Here we can compress any video we want, then how? open veed.io, then hover the mouse on the navigation and select Video Compressor.

Then click Choose Video, and select what video you want to reduce in size, after that the upload process will run, and it will look like the image below.

For Compressionslide it and adjust it with Estimated Compressed Size which is below, slide it to the left, guys, so the file size is small.

After conforming to the settings, just click Compress Videos, Wait for the video process to run and download it.

This is an example of a compressed video.

Mengirimkan File Besar Discord


Google Drive

If the two objects above are about video, then this time what if the file sent is a non-video file?

Google Drive is the easiest way in my opinion to send large Discord files, and the size that can be uploaded on Google Drive is also quite large.

Indeed, there are many service providers for instant file uploads, but for security and link durability, I recommend Google Drive.

The trick is to open Google Drive, login first if not, then click New > File Upload, after that a pop-up window will appear so you can choose the file you want to upload, find the file you want to upload and select open.

After that the upload process will occur, wait a moment and after the file is finished uploading, hover the mouse over the green check mark as shown above and left click.

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Then you will be directed to the file that you have uploaded, then right-click the file and select Get links.

Mengirimkan File Besar Discord

If it looks like the above, then change the general access from Restricted to Anyone with the link, then click copy link and paste the link earlier to the discord you want!

Some advantages and disadvantages of using the google drive method:


  • File size can be large.
  • Speed download for fast viewers.
  • Long lasting links.
  • Guaranteed safety.


  • Must have a google account (Who doesn't have a google account anyway? If there is something wrong, please comment and let's just wrestle!)
  • It's a bit tricky.



Gyfcat is used to send video if the file to be sent is quite large, but the drawback is that we can't control the file of moving images that will be sent to discord.

The method is quite easy, just go to the website Gifcat then click upload and select the video you want to upload.

Just like google drive, what we send on discord is a link, but later on discord it will automatically become a gif, not easy, not xixixixixi.


Print Screen

Print screen is suitable for use when you want to upload large images.

For print screens, you can use a 3rd party program or use the built in windows.

For 3rd party I recommend using lightshoot, I myself have been using lightshoot for a long time, or if you want to use the built in windows, you can do it this way Windows + Shift + S.


Relax, friend, the screenshot also reduces the file size, you know, I'll just give an example right away so it's not a hoax.

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Mengirimkan File Besar Discord

It's down from 3.9MB to 1.10MB guys!


It's true, as you think, maybe most of the methods above you already know (if you don't know, please comment, guys, so I'm not sad), but after looking for it, that's the only way, guys.

As free users, it would be nice if we didn't demand anything weird, it's okay to be a little complicated for features that we can't use.

Hopefully, at a glance, this article on Sending Large Files on Discord helps those of you who are in need or who are confused about how to send large files on Discord.

Thanks for reading!

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Yoshua Marchiano
Joshua Marchiano
4 months ago

Wow, thank you very much bro, it really helped me to share Valorant clips

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