Selling Territe Token Ni no Kuni: Crossworld and WD!

Territe Ni no Kuni: Crossworld, this MMORPG game published by Netmarble has a Territe Token currency. Territe Token itself is a cryptocurrency obtained from exchanging Territe.

Exchange Territe

To get a Territe Token/NKT, the first thing to do is exchange 300 Territe to become 1 Territe Token, the image above is an example of the UI that will be seen when entering the menu Shop > Token Exchange. Note: You must link or link the Marblex Wallet first before you can exchange Territe Tokens.

When clicking "Exchange" there will be an exchange UI pop up as shown above, there are conditions in the form of "Black Diamonds” which can only be obtained from buying it on the Netmarble website or you can click here Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Marketplace – Netmarble, you can only use Paypal or Credit Card for purchases! (As I live at Indonesia)

After all the conditions are met, just click Confirm, then the Territe Token will be in your Marblex wallet. The picture below is the price list for purchasing Black diamonds

Withdraw Territe Token Ni no Kuni

After the first step is complete, the second step is to open your Marblex wallet, the picture below is the Territe Token display that has been entered in the Marblex wallet.

Territe Ni no Kuni

Click Territe Token which is the first option in Game Tokens, then click Trade and the Territe trading UI will appear. You can see the price of Territe at the time.

The picture above is a display of demand and supply, green means the number of people who want to buy and red is the number of people who want to sell.

After determining the right price, then click Sell which is at the bottom left of the marblex wallet.

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Territe Ni no Kuni

After determining the price, click sell and the image above will appear, there is some information such as the price that will be used for the sale, the number of tokens to be sold and the fee deducted by the platform as well as the total profit that will be obtained. Click Yes if the information provided by the system is correct.

Marblex will ask for the password that was set when creating the wallet for verification, so don't forget the password! When you have finished typing the password, click Confirm.

The next step is to wait for the tokens that you are selling are sold if they provide a price above the asking price.

Convert Marblex Link

When the tokens have been successfully sold, the next thing to do is exchange the Marblex Link to Marblex, you can get the menu when you press Marblex Link

Territe Ni no Kuni

Click Exchange when you have entered the number of tokens you want to convert, convert ratio is 1:1.

Territe Ni no Kuni

Convert Marblex to Klay

Exchange Marblex to Klay can be done by pressing Marblex in the main menu and selecting Klay as the destination Token to be used.

The exchange process is the same as when you want to exchange MarblexLink to Marblex.

Now for the last step, after successfully getting Klay, you only need to send it to the exchangers that are commonly used, for example: Binance.

The example above has Klay's address on my Binance maybe if anyone is interested in donating *blush*.


That's the procedure for exchanging Territe Token Ni no Kuni, if you have questions, you can write a comment below, guys!

Thank you for reading, I hope this article helps those of you in need!

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