How to Find iNews TV Channels and Other Channels

Do you want to watch the latest news from iNews TV? However, you don't know how to search for them on your television. Don't worry, this article will provide a complete guide on how to search for iNews TV channels.

Get to know iNews TV

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iNews TV is one of the National private television stations in Indonesia that focuses on news and Information Programs. This television station was founded in 2007 under the name SUN TV and in 2017 changed its name to iNews TV. iNews TV is part of the MNC Group media Network, which also owns several television stations and other digital media.

Since its inception, iNews TV carries a vision to become a television station that provides the fastest and most reliable information for the people of Indonesia. Therefore, iNews TV presents 24-hour nonstop news programs involving journalists and reporters who are experienced in their fields.

In addition to news programs, iNews TV also offers a variety of information and entertainment programs such as talk shows, documentaries, and sports events. Some of iNews TV's flagship programs include:

  1. iNews Pagi: Morning News program that discusses a variety of current information from home and abroad.
  2. iNews Siang: siang news program that provides the latest information about politics, economics, law, and socio-cultural.
  3. iNews Petang: afternoon news program that discusses current and interesting events from all over Indonesia.
  4. Indonesia Lawyers Club: talk show that discusses current legal and political issues by involving legal and political experts.
  5. Sport iNews: a sports program that discusses various national and international sporting events.

iNews TV can be watched via cable television, satellite television, or streaming through the official iNews TV website. By presenting informative and quality programs, iNews TV is one of the main choices of Indonesian people to get the latest and reliable information.

A brief explanation of how to search for INews TV channels

Here are the steps how to find Inews TV channel:

  1. On the television remote control, press the “Menu” or “Home”button.
  2. Look for the “Channel search” or “Auto Scan " option on your television's menu.
  3. Select the option, then press the “OK” or “Enter”key.
  4. Allow the TV to search for channels automatically. This process will probably take a few minutes.
  5. Once the search is complete, check the channel list on your television and search for iNews TV channels.
  6. If you do not find iNews TV channels, try doing a manual search by entering the frequency number of iNews TV. This frequency number can be found on the official iNews TV website or through your television service provider.
  7. After finding the iNews TV channel, save the channel to your favorite channel list for easy access in the future.

In addition to the above steps, you can also search for iNews TV channels using the search feature on the television remote control or contact your television provider for more information.

For more detailed explanation can be read below.

Check The Channel List

The first thing to do is to check the channel list on your television. Each television has a different channel list, depending on the television provider you use.

Find The Name Of The Channel

After checking the channel list, search for the channel name iNews TV. Usually, this channel is in the position of channel number 8 or 9 on certain television providers.

Search with the search feature

If you are still having trouble finding iNews TV channels, try using the search feature on your television. This feature is usually located on the main menu on the television. Type “iNews TV “in the search field, then press the”OK " button.

Contact The Television Provider

If you still can't find the iNews TV channel, you can contact the television provider you are using for help. Customer service officers will help you find the iNews TV channel on your television.

Use Streaming Apps

In addition to watching iNews TV through television, you can also watch it through streaming applications. There are several applications that provide live broadcasts from iNews TV, such as Vidio, Mivo, and HOOQ. Download the application on your phone, then search for iNews TV channels.

Watch Through The Website

You can also watch iNews TV through its official website. Visit website, then click the “Live Streaming " menu to watch the live broadcast.

Use A Digital Antenna

If you are having trouble finding iNews TV channels on analog television, try using a digital antenna. A digital antenna can improve the picture and sound quality of your television, as well as provide more channel choices that you can watch.

Check cables and signals

If you are still having trouble watching iNews TV, make sure your cable and television signal are in good condition. Check the antenna cable and make sure it is well connected to your television. Also, make sure the television signal in your location is strong enough to catch iNews TV broadcasts.

Use Satellites

cara mencari channel inews tv

If you live in a remote area or far from a television transmitter, you can use satellite to watch iNews TV. It is enough to install a satellite dish and choose a satellite that provides Inews TV broadcasts. However, you will need to incur additional costs to purchase a satellite device and subscription.

Watch The Latest News

After successfully finding the iNews TV channel, you can now watch the latest news presented by this television station. iNews TV presents a wide variety of current news that can provide important information for you.

Check The Broadcast Schedule

You can also check the broadcast schedule of iNews TV on its official website. This can help you figure out what time the broadcast you want to watch will start.

Enjoy Other Programs

In addition to news, iNews TV also presents other interesting programs to watch, such as talk shows, entertainment, and documentaries. You can enjoy such programs after watching the latest news.

Watch Streaming Online

You can also watch iNews TV online through streaming. You just need to visit the website or download the iNews app on your phone. In this way, you can watch iNews TV anywhere and anytime without having to use the television.

Use Smart TV

If you have a smart TV, you can directly watch iNews TV without the need to search for channels in the channel list. You just need to download the iNews TV application on your smart TV, then select the iNews TV channel.

Watch Replays

If you don't have time to watch the Inews TV broadcast live, you can still watch the broadcast again through the replay feature provided by some television providers or through online streaming.


Searching for iNews TV channels can be done in several ways, ranging from searching for the name of the channel on the channel list, using the search feature on television, contacting television providers, to watching through streaming applications and official websites. In addition, you can also watch iNews TV online, use smart TV, or re-watch the broadcast through the replay feature.

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